10 Outfits I Didn’t Post Last Month

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So little Time and so many things to wear – here is most of what I couldn’t post last month. I dress different every day and this summary turned out quite colourful and eclectic. From horse girl to space chick, there isn’t much I wouldn’t wear.

I got the patches from Ebay – I actually needed them for a photoshooting I had to organize. When we were finished I found an even better purpose for them and sewed them on my Forever 21 crop top.

Top: Forever21 | Shorts: Missguided | Boots: Office

Silky grungy with perfectly matching nail design. I actually trew everything in I could find: PU leather, sequins, roses, studs, leo print.

Shirt: Missguided| Pants: River Island | Loafers: Shelly’s London | Bra top: Asos

The super fluffy sweater and the super fluffy bag were bargains at the Monki sale and I couldn’t resist.

Sweater and bag: Monki |Blouse: Milanoo

This Topshop dress officially is one of my favourite dresses ev-uur. So much Pow Bang Zap has to be rewarded.

Dress: Topshop | Fur Coat: Ebay

This one’s super basic, I didn’t even bother putting on a necklace. That’s mostly how my mother dressed on old pictures.

Sweater: Sportsgirl | Jeans: Romwe | Sneaker: Rebel London

The riding pants are from American Apparel and I thought it would be funny to combine them with the most horse-girl looking clothes I own. The only thing I was missing was a riding crop and well.. a horse.

Hat: Monki | Pants: American Apparel | Bag: Vintage

I was told I looked very „hip hop“ in this outfit. Very well then.

Top: Forever 21 |Jeans: Romwe | Heels: Esprit | Necklace: Cheap Monday

This dress is vintage and costed me unbelievable 5€. I went to a club like this and my beret didn’t move one centimeter. I was impressed.

Dress and Jacket and beret: Vintage

My top says „Wow“ but my face says „meh“. I probably look  bit too much like a bored teenager from the 90s.

Top:Asos |Pants: Uniqlo

Berlin can be more of a jungle than you might think. I wonder how destroyed pants can be before we have to call them something else. This one definitely is the most ribbed one I own.

Necklace: Vintage | Top and pants: Asos | Jacket: Vintage

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