1001 Extensions Review

I will never give up my dream of a long and thick mane, even though I keep standing in my own way when I bleach my hair to death or spontaneously decide to cut a bob. Right now it’s in a very good condition and keeps getting longer and longer, but I’m still impatient and ridiculously thrilled about every new millimeter. That’s why I was so happy when a site called „1001 Extensions“ gave me the opportunity to try their products.




They sell all kind of extensions (made of human hair) and I chose the very long 56cm clip-ins (for 59.90€). Everything you have to know about use and care is written on their website and I simply followed the instructions to try them out. I have never used extensions before, that’s why I probably acted like I was born yesterday.

I used two packs of extensions and this is how
they look like: 7 laces with differing lengths in every pack, makes 14 laces in
total. Not good as pasta but nice as hair add-on.
Too bad I
just dyed my hair from blonde to red and now the extensions have a completely
different colour
than my own hair. That created a cool dip-dye effect, but also
made the transition obtrusively visible (sorry ).
After 25
minutes (hey it was my first time, okay) I was done fixing them below my
natural hair and this is the result:


When I took
the pictures, I put all my hair in the front, because it looked odd otherwise. In
motion my own hair tips were visible and that bothered me. But I think it would
look much better if the extensions had the right colour, so I can’t really
complain. Besides it was my first try and maybe all I need is practice!
This is how
it looked from the side and behind. I’m not sure whether 1 pack would be enough for someone with
normal hair, as it could easily look too thin. But either way it’s best to
keep the hair in the front because it can look unflattering from behind.
I was really
excited about seeing a foretaste of how I would look like with beautiful long
hair. I’m not sure if I dared to walk around like this in public, but on the pictures it looks great and extremely feminine. I mean
just look at this incredible mane which would make a lion proud!
On the
downside my own hair tips were not hidden well enough and I could only
leave my hair in the front. I think it would have been better to: 1. buy
shorter extensions, very long ones look too unnatural with medium long hair
2. buy extensions in the exact same colour or dye them.
My hair looked thicker even at the roots, because the clips lifted it from below: for everyone with thin hair it would make
sense to use the extensions to make your hair gain a lot of volume.
I found
another use for them too haha: I put only one streak in my hair as a cool
effect. I’ve always wanted to try that out but didn’t want to mess up my hair
with excessive bleaching again, even when it’s just one streak.
Bye-bye ;D
1001 Extensions (German) / 1001 Extensions (English)
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