11 Outfits I Didn’t Post In 2014

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your index finger, contract your index finger, stretch, contract, stretch.. I
just thought you might want to do some stretching exercises before you have to
scroll through this extremely long post. I don’t want you to strain a muscle. Here
come 11 looks I didn’t post in 2014 which means a lot of picture material is
ahead. I have no idea how other bloggers manage posting one look a day! I’m
always far behind with my posts and still have about 20 in the waiting queue
and another 20 ideas for new posts in my head. All I lack is time. How do you manage that?
Did all of you borrow Hermoine’s time turner? I can consider myself lucky when
I have time to cook pasta instead of gorging some toast real fast. Uploading
outfits more often than once or twice a week is absolutely impossible. My
everyday life is so so stressful. I’m going to university, I’m working at a
stylist’s office AND I have a very busy private life. I’d always choose a night
out over homework or blogging. But no regrets, one fun night is worth more than
100 anonymous followers anyway.

Dress: Missguided│ Skirt: Zara │ Fake fur jacket: Vintage │ Hat: Bershka │ Studded loafers: Topshop

„The office vampire“ – I’ve wanted to try black lipstick for a long time:

Blouse: Monki│ Bra and necklace: Cheap Monday │ Pants: Asos │ Boots:Zara

I’ve called this sweater „the hulk“:

Sweater: Cheap Monday │ Skirt: Minkpink │ Overknees: Vagabond

It was a windy afternoon at the Warschauer street when we took these pictures. Before that I had just climbed a muddy hill in an attempt to find a quicker way up: I wanted to take pictures of my friend  and we later ended up taking some of my outfit too. Luckily I don’t look like I just crawled through mud. And by the way: knotting a blouse in front of your belly button can make up for a too short top .

Lilac cropped top: Missguided │ Necklace: Topshop │ Blouse: Cheap Monday │ Pants: Asos

What’s even girlier than ponies? Pink ponies!

Oversized t-shirt dress: Glint Shop Barcelona │ Heels: Office │ Necklace: Asos

I’m wearing a cropped top, a short leather skirt and overknee boots. It doesn’t look as slutty as it sounds:

Jacket: Nasty Gal │ Velvet top: Evil Twin │ Skirt: Zara │ Overknee boots: Vagabond

Dress: Missguided │ Skirt: Monki │ Heels: Office

This rad cropped top is made of thick coated wool and looks like I just survived a dragon’s attack. I found the matching claw/ armor ring on ebay (that’s stainless steel by the way). Making it through the day without cutting out one of my eyes became a real challenge:

Crop top: Asos │ Ring: Ebay │ Pants: Asos │ Boots: Zara │ Necklace: Cheap Monday

That day I dressed up as a bad nun:

Dress: Vintage │ Belt: Asos │ Boots: Zara

Crop top: Forever 21 │ Skirt: Zara │ Belt: Asos │ Boots: Zara

Rain doesn’t keep me from taking pictures! Apparently black umbrellas are THE ultimate accessory for all black looks:

Flower crown: DIY │ Top: Modström │ Skirt: Zara │ Boots: Zara

Wohoo, you’ve made it to the bottom!
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