#3 Marble Nails – Goldfish

Third and last marble nail design for now! I did the same as in “1# Marble Nails -Seafoam” and “#2 Marble Nails – Rorschach”: I used a tiny ball of plastic wrap to sponge the polish on my nails. For this one I needed more time and more coats.

How I
created it:


1. I started with a light orange layer.
2.I added a sparkling topcoat.
3.With the plastic wrap I sponged dark
orange polish on my nails.
4.At last I sponged pink polish on my


A few days
after I put the orange marble design on my nails a random act of boredom took
place: I grabbed an Edding (permanent marker) and drew scales on my nails. Haha, that’s not
very professional, so maybe you better use a striper But I was surprised how
well it turned out, I just had to carefully sponge the topcoat rather than to
paint it, in order to keep the marker from smudging. I actually just did it for fun, just to try it out and I didn’t work very precise, please don’t look at my pinkie


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