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The days
are getting colder and the sleeves are getting longer – summer tops will soon
have to wait patiently in the closet until next year. But we still have some
time left to pull off our summer dresses and especially the ones with maxi
length should have another entry. One of my all time favourite dresses is a
bandeau maxi dress with allover print and I will probably wear it until its hem
is hanging in snow. And because maxi dresses are the best dresses for the end
of the summer, I wanted to show you my 4 top picks from online shops:

I love the
first one for those cool geometric patterns and for its pretty pastel colour
which looks best on tanned skin. If someone would ever invite me to a late
summer pool party, I would probably wear this one, haha! The black one (2) is
extremely elegant and so cool with the lace detail and that corset top below. I
found both dresses here. Number 3 technically isn’t a real maxi dress but let’s
all turn a blind eye and be nice. The embellishments look great and I love that
icy vintage look (3 is from here). The fourth one has this insane pattern on
its lace. You can find it here.
Each of the
dresses looks great in its own way but they are all good for a party or a
special occasion. I would love to wear them all before I have to switch to
jeans and boots. I don’t know about you but I can’t stand that whole autumn
vibe in the shops now – we still have time left, okay?!


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