It’s „O’zapft“ But What Do I Wear? 4 Oktoberfest Looks

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All eyes
are on Munich now where the most German of all festivals is taking place: The
Oktoberfest. I went last year to cross it off my “Things I have to do because I’m
German list”. It came right after Wearing
Adidas sandals with white socks at the beach on Mallorca
and Taking part in a sausage eating contest.
(Click here to read about my experience). I’m probably not going again this
year or next year or every year after, even though I had an embarrassingly good
time. Oktoberfest is celebrated in every other city too, I’m probably going somewhere here in Berlin instead. I simply wore my mom’s Dirndl which even she just bought for fun and a
onetime use only – so there’s much room for improvement. 
When it
comes to Okoberfest clothing the dress code can be quite strict: It has to be
somehow traditional and leather pants or a Dirndl are a must. As inspiration I
put together 4 very different looks for the “Wiesn”, of which some are appropriate
in terms of the dress code and some are not, but I’d wear them anyway: 

Black DirndlBow bagLeaf chokerBootsTraditional jacket

I really
love this one! Dirndls usually are very colourful and I really like the idea of
a black and white Oktoberfest outfit. There’s a bit of dark forest green at the
skirt and a leaf choker seemed like a good addition. Since Oktoberfest looks
should be kinda cute I would wear a bow bag as girly but not very girly touch.
Definitely my favourite!

Pink DirndlTigh-high socks Heels Daisy bagDaisy chokerFlower headband

Okay, this
one is over-the-top girly and flowery and the dress is probably too short for
many. It’s nearly Oktoberfest cosplay. But it’s so sweet!

Short blouseLeather pants Hat Heart felt bagBootsPretzel necklace │ jacket

The above
outfit is the opposite of the pink look: Not girly but rather cool with leather
pants and boots. It’s not traditional at all – but with the pattern on the
jacket and a pretzel necklace you could still wear it if you hate putting on a
traditional dress.

BlouseLeather pantsBavarian suspendersOktoberfest earring set SneakersiPhone Case

And last:
the overly cheesy Bavarian leather pants outfit – with Oktoberfest sneakers!
You can find more (modern) Dirndls here.
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