4 Cute Festival Nail Designs

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Summer is the
season of festivals – and when everyone is partying why shouldn’t your nails? I
feel like every 10 seconds an event pops up on my facebook newsfeed telling me
about this and that festival. I wish I had time for all of those!
My festival nail designs this summer are colourful, glittery and flowery:



I painted
my nails with “play date” from Ciaté, then used a dotting tool dipped into
black and white polish to create the flowers.




For this
colourful design I first painted every nail a different colour, but painted
each hand the same. After the first coat was dry I put tape on my nails: On the
left hand I put the tape on the lower half
of the nails and on the right hand I put the tape on the upper half of my nails. Then I painted my nails again with a
different colour for each nail to create the “pill” look.




When I saw
they had flamingo nail art stickers at Claire’s I couldn’t resist. I painted
most of my nails with Ciaté’s “Kiss chase” and added the “Dizzy” topcoat from
Claire’s which has these colourful glitter pieces in it.


I painted six
of my nails with three coats of Butter London’s “Lovely Jubbly” which is one of
my favourite polishes. I painted the other nails with the blue “831” from Kiko,
put nail art tape on my nails after the first coat was dry and painted them
again with the silver mirror polish“617” also from Kiko.


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