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 The biggest German beer party of all time is happening right now in Munich and I picked some online shops for you where you can get your hands on something more or less traditional. Short dirndl, long dirndl, dirndl shirt, leather pants, pretzel stickers for your forehead – there are no limitations to the Oktoberfest fun.

1 Dirndl / 2 Dirndl / 3 Dirndl / 4 Dirndl / 5 Heart bag / 6 Flower crown

Number 1 is Dirndlfest, a cute shop with all kinds of modern dirndls (how modern can it be though, they’re dirndls) and it’s not expensive. I like the shop because they offer fresh and sexy designs that don’t look too traditional. The colours are bright, the cuts are mostly short and the dresses all cost around 60€ or 70€. They also offer some accessoires and cute little handbags. You get a free pretzel necklace with your order – just saying. This one probably is the coolest and sweetest Dirndl shop out there!

1 Dirndl / 2 Bag / 3 T-shirt / 4 Temporary tattoos / 5 Flower crown

Ludwig&Therese is a bit more pricey. You can get a dress for 80€ but also for 700€. They have a huge collection of everything, so it’s not only for Oktoberfest goers who want to wear a cute party Dirndl for one day. They even have wedding dirndls! And not to forget those Oktoberfest temporary tattoos, they’re so funny.

1 Dirndl / 2 Leather pants /3 Dirndl / 4 Dirndl

Did you know Zalando has an Oktoberfest page? You should definitely check it out if you love ordering there anyways (like I do!). They have beautiful pieces and cute designs.

1 Dirndl / 2 Dirndl / 3 Dirndl / 4 Dirndl

Check out Alpenwelt for modern or traditional designs  in the medium price range. I absolutely fell for the horribly cheesy dress No1. You can get a next day delivery, so that’s a plus!
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