Acrylic Paint Ombre Nails with Cats

Meow! Regarding the festivities which just passed I should have better painted bunnies, but I’d like to pay tribute to the kings of the internet (All bloggers have to: cats literally rule the internet and if we don’t glorify them once in a while we get expelled from it, but pssst!)
Using acrylic paint is by far the best method to achieve a perfectly flawless gradient design. Painting your nails with real paint appears like such a cool idea, you have completely different possibilities to style your nails. Unfortunately it’s neither the fastest nor the easiest method, that’s probably why only the biggest nail enthusiasts will try it. I’m obviously one of them and I totally underestimated how long this design would take!
I started
with two coats of a protecting  base, but
actually it’s easier to paint the nails white. It would take even longer though
and the paint will be very opaque anyway.
Mix the
gradient you want on your nails with regular acrylic paint. I chose purple, a soft
peachy tone and white.
Use a
make-up sponge and paint the colours on it – it’s best to already blend them a
Sponge the
gradient on your nail and add as many coats as you need until it’s opaque. I
needed 2-3 for each nail which takes a lot of time when you have to paint the
sponge with 3 different shades again and again.
Wait a few
minutes until the paint is completely dry and add a topcoat. Now you have a beautiful and soft gradient, I don’t think you can achieve this with regular polish.
You can stop right here if you want, it already looks very pretty


Now watch a
bloody horror movie on your laptop while painting cute kittens – this step took
forever. I used a nailart brush which works like a striper. To not mess
everything up, you have to keep the nail you are painting on completely calm
while carefully moving the striper. Still some cats look sad about their fate
on my nails and others just look “special”.
I added 2
coats of topcoat again, just to make sure all this work would last a little.
Then I washed/ peeled my hands to get rid of the mess. And tada:


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