Advent Calendar For Polish Lovers + Designs

At the moment I mostly need my hands for taking notes at university and turning pages in textbooks. Sad but true! That influences my creativity regarding nail designs, means it drops to zero. I tried a few simple and fast designs with a few new glitter polishes and top coats. And simple still looks good I think

I mixed two nail polishes I got in a pack of 4  from H&M for 3€ (silver, blue, pink, plain white base). It was real bargain! The silver one is very sheer but I still liked it. I also wore the pink one on its own and I love how it turned out:

I created the next design with the Color Riche Confetti top coat from L’Oréal Paris. It quickly became one of my favourites – I just love these cute dots.

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat „All Yarned Up“ – how cool is that, my nails really do look furry, even though I needed 3 coats of it.


Ciaté Mini Mani Month

And now I’m proudly presenting you: The best advent calendar I had in a long time (I can’t say of all time, because my mum used to create the most exciting and cutest ones when I was a kid – with tons of toys and sweets inside). When I used to get excited about Playmobil or Lego I now crave for nail polish. So there is nothing better for a nail maniac like me than 24 polishes in 24 days to make my collection even huger.

I’m trying hard to hold myself back – only 2 more days of circling my new treasure without being allowed to touch it. I’m so curious!

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