Asymmetrical Leather Skirt² and Facebook Confusion

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I just
changed my Facebook relationship status and was terrified how HUGE it appeared
in everybody’s newsfeed – I thought it would be a subtle detail in my profile
but Facebook seemed to find it necessary to more or less smack it everyone in
the face. I tried clicking “reduce size” in my timeline, but it didn’t work. I
gave in and clicked “delete”, but it still appeared in the newsfeed. Very very
big.  The strangest people started liking
my “In a relationship” status: people I haven’t spoken to in years, one of my exes and also a guy who recently had a crush on me.
Someone who went to elementary school with me, who used to tease me (I still remember
how he threw a dead snake into my face) and later surprisingly came out of the
closet, commented on my status and said that my new boyfriend looked like a
real sweetheart.

Haha, but
enough of that: this is about fashion, right?
I combined
my asymmetrical leather mini skirt with a cape-like cardi and a lace top for
one outfit, and put together another one with a beret and a sweater I viciously
snatched out of my mom’s closet (I love doing that –but pssst!). Both turned out a bit gothic-like, the first one is
probably “gothic medium” and the second one with the sweater is “gothic light”.
Do you have a favourite?
Asymmetrical skirt: Romwe │ Lace top: Asos │ Boots: Zara │ Cardigan: Vintage │ Necklace: Sportsgirl  
And the second one:


I found
this eyeshadow which has my exact haircolour. I sometimes apply it under my eye as a cool effect:

Asymmetrical leather skirt: Romwe │ Sweater: Zara │ Boots: Weekday │ Beret: Vintage                      

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