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Hey everybody, this is my first attempt to start a blog. I planned this for a long time but was too lazy to set everything up.. but finally: here I am! I want to share my passion for fashion, photography, nailart, travelling, DIY-projects, art and everything else that I love. Since now you´ll find me on too. Step by step I´ll show you who I am and if you like it, hit the “follow” button!

So here’s my first outfit:
I’m wearing one of my favourite dresses, I love everything about it! The pastel colour, the innocent yet sexy look, the solid fabric, the studs and the knitted lace. I always feel very comfortable when I’m wearing it, like it’s the perfect dress for me. Several pastel colours always go well together so I combined the dress with pink shoes and socks, plus even my fingernails match. They were some hard work! I painted them blue, then added silver glitter at the tips and put some rhinestones on top. I´ve got a big set of cute rhinestones from Urban Outfitters, with lots of colours and shapes. But I guess you could buy something like that somewhere else just as well.

Dress: Zara │ Shoes: Coco California │ Socks: │ Rings: Asos │ Bow: Vintage      

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