Barcelona #3 – Park Güell and Red Roses

As dedicated tourists we couldn’t miss this mass magnet: Park Güell
Nothing can pollute the atmosphere of a place more than crowds of busy people rushing from one attraction to the other, trying hard to leave not even one palm leave unphotographed. There were so many people trying to take pictures of that Gaudí  lizard that you actually had to stand in line. I can’t really complain though, because I was just another tourist obviously haha :) 
But it was still worth it, the park was amazingly colourful!


 There are
two parrots hiding in the treetop, one of them lost a long green feather and I
kept it as a souvenir.



A round of “awwww
please for this little fellow:


When exploring
the park I was dressed as a big red flower. Well if that doesn’t match.. put me
in a flower pot and water me.

Dress & glitter shoes: Zara │Bracelet: Souvenir from Park Güell │Flower crown: Asos                             

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