Barcelona #4 – Teddy bear’s ears hear you

My trip to Barcelona ended with a harbour cruise, a walk through the beautiful old town and a churro-feast by the pool. For everyone who doesn’t know: Churros consist of 100% fat and sugar and are often coated with chocolate – I can’t decide whether they were sent from heaven or hell.
My outfit for the last day was kind of unusually chic: I remember wearing this dress for my high school graduation which already is a long time ago. I spontaneously felt like wearing it again and added a few studs.. and a bowler with ears to make it more fun

Dress & Belt: Asos │Hat: Bershka │ Loafers: Sportsgirl │ Bag: Dune                                                    

Why I’ll
miss Barcelona:
because of the unbeatable combination of beach and big
city in a warm climate zone. Right after that comes the buzzing life,
vitality and thirst for adventures filling the streets, which is hard to
describe but really is the heart of it all. Last but not least: the beauty
of the city – the old wonderful buildings in the centre, the honestly outstanding
parks and everything built by Gaudí. 
Leaving is
hard when there is so much left to see! I’ll be back in Spain for “La tomatina
festival” at the latest. 
Bye-bye via Easy Jet ;D
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