Berlin Fashion Week Punk Party

The only thing I did during the Berlin Fashion Week was going to one single opening party on Monday. It was the punk themed Dandy Diary Squat House Party at an old building full of graffiti. The party people were either punks, weirdos in bdsm-costumes, transvestites, half naked girls, blogger or fashion people. Cameras were flashing everywhere and some girls gave out free Jägermeister all the time. Plus we even got free beer because we knew someone haha. The party was really sick and so much fun! I went there with my future fellow students, we all got the message one week ago that the Academy Of Fashion And Design in Berlin accepted us
Monday was a good start for this new chapter in our lives! I was really fucked up afterwards haha but I had to be at the filmstudio already in the morning for my job as an extra. They never tell us how many hours we will have to work, I was hoping for short 3-4 hours but it turned out to be 10 ½ hours of zombie-like working with a hangover and less than 1 hour sleep. Oh, but it was worth it.
I didn’t go there for taking pictures, I only took a single not very significant shot with my phone, but HERE and HERE is more
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