Between Parties -The American Apparel Velvet Glitter Dress

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Glitter! Glitter everywhere! In this dress I felt like a little disco ball – except that disco balls usually keep their gleam to themselves and I was sharing it with everyone if I wanted to or not. I somehow got a thing for everything glittery. If it looks party-related, I like it. Some sequins, some glitter, some metallic? Send them to me! That kind of shopping habbit resulted in a wardrobe full of party stuff with a lack of normal everyday outfits. Gotta start wearing these things to university now, I guess.
I thought it would be fun to mix some Dr. Martens into the 80s soup and also some sport socks – don’t ask why. I’m always trying to let someone else take the pictures outside but sometimes my couch isn’t the worst setting for some homemade snaps.
Oh and by the way: You can now get 30% off everything from American Apparel but you gotta be fast: AA Shop (only today).

Dress: American Apparel / Boots: Dr. Martens / Earrings: Vintage

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