Christmas Meets Addams Family

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It’s nearly
Christmas (yeay!) and even I finally managed to buy almost all of the presents
(double yeay!). Now I hope it will be over soon: One more “Last Christmas”
while I’m just peacefully trying to find a new scarf and I’ll strangle myself
with it.
Christmassy means to me digging out everything made of velvet, sequins or
something fluffy – as long as it’s somehow dramatic and “festive”. I have to
admit though, the second outfit looks more like an Addams Family reference instead
of something you could be wearing next to the Christmas tree (maybe next to a cemetery).
The black flower crown is DIY, by the way – everyone but my grandma’s dog liked
my creation.

Cropped top: Forever 21 │ Sequin skirt and belt: Asos │ Flower crown: DIY │ Heels: Office

My grandma’s dog did not approve!
This outfit is approved by the Addams family:

Velvet skirt and fluffy top: Vintage │ Belt and headband: Asos │ Boots: Weekday

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