Chromat Crown For Dreaming Princesses

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For all the highnesses out
there who dare to fulfill their childhood dream and finally become princesses:
The headdress from Chromat is just right for you! The unusual eye-catcher looks
like some sort of sketch. You definitely need a lot of courage for pulling off
that masterpiece (and blue blood, of course). The headband which will make your
subjects kneel down in front of you is a design from the New Yorker Becca
McCharen. The award-winning US-American uses corset boning to create
sculpture-like cage garments, which are inspired from details in women’s
lingerie and architecture. Stars like Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Madonna already
decorated themselves with the bulky art works, which seem to be made for impressive
stage appearances. If you don’t want to tie a huge cage around your torso, you
can simply start with your head. For crazy Headdresses, futuristic clothing,
seductive underwear and weird tan lines causing swimwear visit

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