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This year I didn’t find plain chocolate behind the doors of my Christmas calendar: I found nail polish! I had the Ciaté Mini Mani Month Calendar and I absolutely loved it, even though I already own tons of polishes. A true nail maniac never has enough! The polishes inside were very simple, there were only a few special ones with glitter. I would have preferred getting more of them, but I’m sure I will use each of the simple ones anyway. I already have a lot of the colours that were in the calendar, but from brands with a lower quality – I will simply throw away my old polishes that are similar to the Ciaté colours. They are too old anyway!

The calendar includes:
  • 17 x 5ml paint pots: „snow globe“, „boudoir“, „ferris wheel“, „hopscotch“, „sugar plum“, „fit for a queen“, „kiss chase“, „amazing gracie“, „pepperminty“, „encore!“, „members only“, „play date“, „ivory queen“, „locket“, „pillow fight“, „party shoes“ and „confetti“
  • 2 x 5ml pots: „underwear“ (a base coat) and „speed coat“ (a topcoat)
  • 1 x 13,5 ml paint pot: „serendipity“ (for Christmas)
  • 2 x 10g caviar pearls: „frost yourself“, „christmas tree“
  • 2 x 5g sequins/glitter: „jingle belle“, „miss mistletoe“
  • 1 funnel


I never tried Ciaté polishes before and I was very surprised about the great quality:
They don’t smudge at all when you apply them, as many of my other polishes do and then I have to spend ages cleaning up around my nails. Ciaté uses the perfect kind of brush for me. The colours are very opaque and for some even one layer is enough. Furthermore, you don’t have to deal with much tipwear, as the Ciaté polishes stay on your nails for up to 4 days without wearing off even a little – at least when I wore them. Even without topcoat! The price (46€) makes it a real bargain considering how many polishes you get – and now after Christmas they sell it for half of the price at some stores!
I’m pretty amazed by the brand in general so that I can cope with a few “boring” polishes too much. For someone with a smaller polish collection or a preference for simple (pastel) colours it would be perfect. 

My only major complaint is that these polishes look very alike: 

The Ciaté Christmas calendars are available every year in different versions – maybe an option for next year?
Get it here.


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