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You might think wearing a short skirt plus crop top in winter would make me catch a severe cold and die within seconds. Let me assure you I’m typing this on my laptop alive like never before. It’s been incredibly warm in Berlin this time of year and I really don’t care about a wonderfully white Christmas when I can wear my spring clothes in winter instead. I have to admit though, that the “catch a cold and die”-scenario wouldn’t have been very unfounded if I didn’t wear a huge warm coat over my breezy outfit.

Now that
Christmas is ticked off I’m busy making plans for New Year’s Eve and I couldn’t
decide whether I want to spend the night at a home party, on a bridge lighting
fireworks or going to a club. It will probably be all three possibilities
combined to worthily celebrate the start of a great 2014.


Crop top: Bank fashion* │Skirt & boots: Zara │ Net socks: Asos │Headband: DIY │ Jacket: Vintage      



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