Czesc Warsaw #3

Do you know how it feels when you are browsing online and suddenly fall in love? If shops were dating sites you would have to write an elaborate, romantic text and present yourself as the best catch ever and hope that your object of desire will be hooked. But when you fall in love with a dress, you simply pay the price without any annoying small talk – which kind of dating offers that, huh? ..Oh right, that kind.

Anyways, what makes this dress a real sweetheart is the wild and colourful print and the cute “top + skirt”-look. And I could finally dig out my glitter-alien-sunglasses, yeay!
The pictures were taken on the last day I spent in Warsaw with my mum. We wandered around, ate icecream, jumped into balloons – just stuff tourists do. I already miss this snugly and cordial place!

Dress: Choies │ Sandals: Asos │ Sunglasses: Asos │ Rose Ring: Fleamarket │ Plastic Ring: H&M          




Wearing new shoes for a city trip with a lot of walking might not be the smartest idea – but I survived it


The icecream man betrayed me – biggest disappointment of my life :’(  (still delicious)



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