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Because I’m
miserably stuck in work I want to show you guys today which experience really
made my day last weekend: The “Dinner in the dark”. That means you get to eat at
an exclusive restaurant – while it’s completely
dark and you can’t see a single thing (let alone your fork which will
probably end up in your ear after the first try). It was one of these things on
my “must do” list for autumn. I hate it when the weather changes and it is
getting colder and darker each day, so this little list really helps me making
it so spring. I wrote down lots of activities I want to do which don’t require
good weather or sunlight. Whoever is struggling like me and doesn’t see a
single positive thing about golden leaves and cold winds: Take my advice and
write a list. And include Dinner in the Dark, it’s awesome:

Me and my
boyfriend went to the restaurant “Noctivagus” in Berlin, where we first got
some appetizers and chose the menu we wanted to eat later in the dark. We both
chose the “surprise menu” – that sounded like fun. I think the appetizers were
pieces of wild boar, tomato soup and a small flower which surprisingly turned
out to be a real taste explosion. We then were led into the cellar and through
the light sluice, where a blind waitress was waiting for us. It was interesting
how all of your other senses suddenly intensify when you can’t see anything. We
clumsily managed to sit somewhere and had to laugh the whole way through – it’s
funnier than you might think to be completely lost when it’s somehow expected of
you to at least find your napkin. We ate 3 courses (and drank the sparkling
wine which was included). It was all super delicious – but impossible to eat
properly. Haha I pray they don’t have any night vision cameras down there
otherwise there might be a lot of amusing footage of me trying to somehow get
anything at least near my mouth. Our unique surprise menu included: Tartar,
sweet potato souffle, couscous, beef in two different ways, truffles and as
dessert strawberry cheesecake with fruit ice cream and rice pudding.

I booked the Dinner in the Dark through MyDays. They offer lots of great adventures, from wellness to travelling or wild action, but I’m sure you have heard of them. Paintball is the next thing on my list, but their “Gangsterdinner” sounds tempting too – maybe autumn isn’t that bad after all.

how our plates looked like? Here you go:
And since
this is a fashion blog – My outfit:

Jacket: Vintage │ Crop top: Asos │ Ripped jeans: Romwe │ Hi 5 Flats: Monki │ Bag: Zara

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