DIY Denim Jacket With Roses

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Roses are
so cheesy. Whenever I see roses I just have to think of “deep” captions over landscapes
with dramatic lightning such as “Every rose has its thorn” or “Every rose has
to grow through dirt” or whatever they write on these Tumblr pictures. When a
date brings me flowers I always hope he won’t choose roses. I mean, of course I’m
happy about any kind of flower
because it’s such a sweet gift that I automatically appreciate. But to be
honest getting flowers is something that mainly just happens on my birthday
anyway haha. Maybe I’m just not romantic enough, but they’ll die within two
days anyway. Every kind of plant dies almost immediately in my room. Even cress
dies before I can eat all of it.
I like roses as prints (at least there they’re safe from me and my
plant-kill-zone-room). Fabric roses sewn on clothes also get thumps up.  I got this denim jacket at the Zara Sale,
ordered some fabric roses on Ebay (it took forever to find the most beautiful
ones) and when they arrived I carefully sewed them on the jacket. I also used
one as a hair clip. It took me about 2 hours! A little part of me died when
the first one came off after a few hours of wearing my new jacket haha – and I
didn’t think about the problem of not really being able to lean back. Ugh,
whatever, at least it turned out beautiful.

Velvet shorts: Somewhere in Buenos Aires │ Sandals: Shelly’s London │ Top: H&M


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