3 Ways To Make Your Home Look Shabby-Chic

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When it comes to interior design, shabby-chic definitely is one of my favourite styles. There’s just something about furniture that looks like it’s nearly falling apart and already could have belonged to the ancestors you only know from crumpled black-and-white pictures. The good news are that it’s not really falling apart. The even better news are that you can’t even ruin you shabby-chic kitchen table by accidently scratching off the paint while you’re looking for the fridge in the dark at 4am, because you woke up and decided that now was to right time for a late-night sandwich. You would actually make your table even shabby-chicer.

There is more than just one way to add a bit of shabby-chic to your home. I’ve created three collages of my favourite styles: Dark&Rustic, Light&Easy and 60s Pop inspired. I found most of the furniture on Pharao24* – a German interior design shop which is definitely worth a visit!

1.Couch 2.Vases 3.Coffee Table 4.Lamp 5.Painting 6.Shelf

If I had a holdiday house by the sea (dream big!), the interior would look like this. I can already smell the breeze and hear the soft waves at my own private beach next to the sand dunes:

1.Hanging Shelf  2.Shelf 3.Chair 4.Baskets 5.Coffee Table 6.Lantern 7.Wooden Mural

A bit of pop culture, a dash of retro and also a good piece of teenager dreams – This collage is a bit of everything and not 100% only shabby-chic:

1.Star Lamp 2.Sideboard 3.Carpet 4.Couch 5.Shelf

Which one is your favourite?


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