Is This Grunge Vibe Still On?

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You know
sometimes things just happen.. you start getting dressed and you feel like
wearing that vintage chequered skirt. Hmm, what might go well with this? Maybe
the ribbed crop top and the denim jacket? And whoops you look like an overdramatic
depressed teenager from the 90s.
I never
noticed it before but the pockets on this vintage skirt are sewn the wrong way
. I’d have to wear the front at the back to turn them the right way.
But the front definitely is the
front. I should always question a “good catch” when it’s just 1€ and looks okay
on first sight.


Skirt +denim jacket: Vintage│Crop top: Topshop│Platforms: Shelly’s London │ Necklace: Cheap Monday

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