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Spark&Bark: Style Diary & Food For Thought

Spark&Bark is a blog for wild inspiration, favourite looks made in Berlin and new discoveries. A colourful one-woman-magazine about fashion, beauty, travel and good vibes.. with a hint of thoughtfulness. That mix is being served by the author with an open and honest attitude. There’s a new post each Thursday and Sunday: mostly about fashion but topics such as beauty, lifestyle and opinion are also getting covered. During longer travel periods the subjects turn a bit more travel-oriented but you’ll never find tips for a weekend trip to a five star hotel here on Spark&Bark. It’s about backpacking and adventures, travelling for several months and immersing into other cultures. The street style looks are being created in cooperation with professional photographers.


The Berlin fashion blog was founded already in 2012, back then completely in English. Since 2015 Spark&Bark is bilingual even though – don’t be surprised! – most of English translations come from Google Translate since the big majority of readers now is German.

At first, the blog was supposed to be named People-Envy-Non-Important-Snobs.com but then the author changed her mind. “Spark and bark” stands for standing out and talking about it.

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Who’s that girl?

Here bloggs Malin – on most social media you’ll find her as Malin Rouge. Hard facts: 20-something, degree in fashion, studied fashion and design management at the academy for fashion and design in Berlin, she’s a true Berliner, a backpaccker, “Tohuwabohu”, techno chick, feminist, model, 95% vegan, confetti thrower and a big joke(r).

It didn’t take her long to reach the fashion industry -it’s what she has always loved. Malin worked as a stylist in Bangkok and Berlin and she’s always up to date regarding new trends. Sometimes she gives them her own twist and other times she chooses to ignore them completely. 

You could describe Malin as a mix of hardcore backpacker, fashion lover and Berlin club & techno festival girl. She’s always looking for an adventure – and what sounds like a dodgy Tinder quote actually is her attitude towards life. This fashion blog is quite personal. If this is going to be a digital tombstone, the author doesn’t want to be remembered as a affiliate link collector and nothing else. Spark&Bark is taking you into Malin’s thoughts. You can read more about the life of the author in the monthly recaps or here. For critical thoughts about feminism and our society scroll through the popular Sunday Thoughts column.



Edgy Berlin Fashion with a twist

Think outside the H&M box! The author likes to mix different styles and has a creative and brave take on fashion. It’s all about expressing yourself – and wouldn’t everything else feel like drowning in textile boredom? Malin practically is style-fluid, she doesn’t like to tie herself down and is always trying something new. Inspiration is everywhere! Follow her fashion journey in the outfit posts or see on Pinterest what inspired the Berlin fashion blogger.



Travel & Backpacking

As someone who grew up in the oh so wild streets of Kreuzberg (Okay, a beautiful old flat) Malin definitely has confetti in her head and the Spree river flowing through her veins. Her roots are in the German capital. At the same time, she can never stay in one spot for too long and likes to travel a lot. With sweet 19 she first went backpacking on her own when she went to Australie for a work&travel trip. Completely with field work and sleeping in a van. Hippie wild child? Definitely at heart!

Since then the author has lived in Bangkok, Sydney and Bali, spent a lot of time in Southeastasia and on other continents and likes to leave on her own. For several months, as low budget as possible. Malin taught herself to ride a moped in Hanoi, Vietnam, climbed on top of an active volcano in Iceland and holds a big collection of reckless stories for long camp fire evenings.

What many don’t know: There’s a second Instagram account only for travel pictures and photography. You find it here: @malin.rouge.travel

 Backpacker girl in Bangkok Chinatown, Traveller photography colourful streets

Cooperations & Shoot requests

There’s nothing but autentic content and honest opinions on Spark&Bark. All affiliate links, sponsored posts and giftes items are marked and the cooperation partners are hand picked- Blogs need those cooperations for existing, but don’t worry: very word on here is honest. Collabs only form with favourite brands ❤ 

You are working for a brand or an agency, think your content could fit on Spark&Bark and you want to work with the blog? Feel free to drop a message via the contact page. The same applies to photographers or brands looking for a model: Get in touch toaggree on a price. TFP shoots may be possible for mutual portfolio expansion.