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There is no
better reason to leave the pool and the palm trees behind than taking part in a
cool workshop like this one: My university offers a variety of one-week-workshops
as “spring academy”. When I saw that a blogger workshop was available I had to
throw myself onto it. For four days Julia Zierer, who is blogging on,
showed us what it’s like to run a big blog, explained to us everything that is important
for a successful blogger, taught us search engine optimization and how to
create a media kit.  We were about 20
girls in the group, all of us bloggers or on their way to becoming one. It was
extremely interesting for me to meet them, because – believe me or not – I don’t
know any other bloggers personally. I was so curious about how they dealt with
their online presence, meeting all these girls alone and seeing their work was
already a great start.

from C’est Clairette showed up on the first day and gave
us an insight into her blogger life – she and Julia sure are pros, that’s why I
just grabbed my notepad and wrote down everything that could be important to me and my blog. And that was actually quite a lot! Just look at this thing called “search
engine optimization” – didn’t really make me want to spend hours and days on
research, to be honest. Now I’ll just follow Julia’s easy steps and also
correct some things that I did horribly wrong in the past.



highlight of the workshop was when we went on our little journey: We first
visited the PR-Agency Arne Eberle Press + Sales: they promote a fine selection of young designers and also publish a beautiful magazine featuring the most interesting Berlin based brands and creative talents. 
After that we visited the homely H&M Showroom, where we could see
the upcoming collection: 

This coat
is 100% blogger approved – everybody gathered around it. 
We visited
the “starting house” of H&M, COS, Cheap Monday and Monki – it’s located near
Hackescher Markt and it’s open for everybody at any time. You can just go there
and ask whatever you have on your mind.
We also did
a little picnic at the park while we discussed the topic “Annoying fame
bloggers at the fashion week”.
Even though
I kinda miss the pool and the ice cube machine in the kitchen, I must say
that returning to Berlin for the start of a new semester has never been
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