Escape Berlin Nikolaus raffle for you & Friends (value approx. 150 €)

I was a protagonist in my own horror movie and there's something to win for you - but only if you dare!

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Watching horror movies is so 2017, in 2018 you are in the horror movie. Your fashion blogger used to chase with the chainsaw and it was slanted, very slanted. Outfit of the month: bloody torso. Ever wanted to add new elements to your favorite guessing games? Time pressure, handcuffs and dread maybe? Who says yes: Then the escape game “Kidnapped” is something for you. Who says no: Then the more relaxed and softer variants of Escape Berlin may be your thing. I tested the new, interactive generation of puzzle games and decided on the horror scenario.


On command, my cousin and I remove our eye masks. That’s not so easy when you’re handcuffed to each other’s hands, but also with metal chains. Behind us the door closes. We now have exactly 60 minutes to free ourselves and find a way out of the room. It is completely dark. We discover a dim light source and catch a glimpse of our new environment for the first time: It looks like we’ve landed in the middle of a horror film. The knowledge that we have deliberately put ourselves in the hands of Escape Berlin * helps little. In fact, we were so scared enough, because tension and scary mood were consistently generated very authentic. (And by authentically I mean that someone comes through the wall with a chainsaw). But No Regrets, we would unanimously be kidnapped again at any time.
Escape games are now in vogue, there are countless providers in Berlin alone. The concept? You may know it from these old online games: you are locked in a room and have to solve puzzles to escape. The theme does not necessarily have to be horror like ours. At Escape Berlin you can choose between Big Päng, Schnapsladen (you have to drink!), Sherlock Holmes and Kidnapped. The other games are less heart attack-stimulating if my story seems too blatant to you. Important for all is good teamwork: the groups can be up to 12 people tall. However, I think that the best way to build tension is in pairs. And no panic: Whenever you need help, there are hints via screen message and a panic button is also available. Big Brother, um, game master is watching you!


Win: A Escape Game in Berlin worth approx. 150€


My cousin and I did it. One and a half minutes before the end of the time we have worked our way to the exit with the final riddle. Was scarcer than Kylie’s outfits. 1A Teamwork has brought us there, fortunately one of us has always noticed what the other person missed. We also needed a few tips. When our game leader suddenly stood in the room and turned on the light, it felt right torn out of this universe of fake blood and time pressure. I had also “felt right in the role,” as the director said: Because I thought it was important for a puzzle, I had namely umgehangen a fake blood-smeared torso. It was just decoration.
Kidnapped was not my first escape game. A few years ago I tested the idea somewhere else and can therefore compare well. And by comparison, Escape Berlin wins every discipline! What else is the entire playing area, Escape Berlin is just the starting room. The puzzles are extremely creative, just like the things you need to do to get ahead. Some hints deliberately lead you into the void, as in your favorite club you can not trust every hole in the wall and there is more than one way to solve the puzzle. Consciously confusing, but doable. At Escape Berlin, there’s also a whole team working around you – maybe you’re not as alone in it as it seems?
(This article was translated from German with Google Translate)

Gewinnspiel Win Win Win FlatlayEscape Berlin Exit Games


Win Win Win

With a little luck Escape Berlin invites you and your friends or family to the game of your choice. I will give away a voucher worth about 150 € to all participants. All you have to do is:

1. Either comment on this post AND follow me on Facebook.

2. OR you try your luck on Instagram (click to see the Insta Post).

For double chances you can do both. You have time to participate until the 13th of December. In addition, you can of course only redeem the voucher in Berlin (Sorry to all non-Berliners!)

 Escape Berlin Exit Games


So: Let me know if you want to participate! Would surely be a great Christmas gift

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