Delicate Little Ringparty & Latest Nail Designs

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By now nearly all of you should have let your New Year’s resolutions slide and should have accepted that you are horrible, inveterate human beings. Instead of feeling bad just come over, give me a high five so we can start doing all the things we promised ourselves to never do again – with unrepentant smiles on our faces! I didn’t have the time anyway trying to become a better person, all of my exams are coming up and I’m drowning in work! At least my nails are looking good while I’m dying.

I always loved “ringparty” pictures when I saw them online or in
magazines – especially when they consisted of filigree, similar rings that are
stacked on the fingers in different sizes. I created my tiny ringparty with a
ring set and a single multi-row ring from &other stories. Apparently my fingers like parties just as much as I do!

 The nail polish is from Ciaté: I used the glittery nude “Members only”,
the red glitter “Serendipity” and the sequins “Miss mistletoe” for my design
and mixed it all together or layered it.



I created this triangle design with the Special Effect sand polish #01
from Rival De Loop. I needed two coats and then added a royal blue Kiko polish
on top.
(with flash)


And then I played around with the new linen tester I got for my textile
technology exam:


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