Hippie With A Big A$$ Hat

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Maybe some
people on the street noticed something about my outfit today. Maybe they
noticed it from the other side of the street or even a kilometer away from me. Maybe
some astronauts in space noticed it too. It’s something about my hat. I’d say,
there’s just one word to describe this hat: BIGA$$HAT. When I saw it online I
thought: That hat looks pretty big, I think I’m going to buy it. Sometimes my
buying scheme is just that easy. I’m now trying to not make a horribly tasteless joke about my dating scheme while you
better scroll down:

Dress: Milanoo* │ Huge hat: Asos │ Boots: Office │ Belt: H&M

I don’t
know where my hippie vibes are coming from so close to Christmas, but I
completely gave in. Flared sleeves, off-shoulder, short and lacey? What’s not
to love about that?

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