It’s A Wrap! July Recap’17

A wild mishmash straight out of my life, together with my Instagram lookbook - in case you were wondering what I'm wearing there. And big news: I'm tattoed now!

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With my monthly recaps I make my blog article for article even more personal, however I couldn’t write about June. The day when I should have published the June recap, I spent on a cemetery and I would not have been halfway positive to write. This is why I skipped June, and I will tell you what I discovered and thought in July instead.


… holidays in the strangest horror movie house in Germany, about which I will soon write a funny off the beaten track travel story – times for those, whom Malle is too boring. I always stand for unusual travels and adventure holidays. If you have ever thought about sleeping like “Cabin in the woods”, that you would like to sleep there is exactly what for you. You didn’t? Then you might think about it differently soon.

I got a tattoo. For me this was a big thing, this first tattoo. Two years ago at a festival I scribbled the first sketch in my tent on a map and since then it was a long way with many mistakes to find the right tattoo artist. There was, for example, this studio, which has allowed me to dance three times, just to tell me that it does not manage to sting my motive. I was also not aware of what tattoo artists have for attitudes: Are simply simply simple artists. It would have been easier to communicate with a diva! Why are people so surprised when you really want to have fellow-language rights with something that comes under your own skin? In any case, I was glad to have found Kamil Mokot, with whom I developed my tattoo in cooperation and much back and forth. For me it was like an irreversible change in myself, as if the border between untouched and tattooed skin was something almost sacred. Three hours before the appointment, I also came up with the idea of ​​changing the design that has been fixed for two years – pure last minute panic. Even as Kamil has already begun to sting, I was still unsure about last details, until I thought of the half “fuck it” and stayed with the old design. Luckily! It’s still healing, but I could not imagine a more beautiful tattoo. There is so much of myself in there and I am proud to have something with such deep meaning finally under the skin. There will be more.


(This article was translated from German with Google Translate)

Berlin Fashionblogger Portrait, zarter Schmuck und Tattoo


“The Truth About the Mc Donald’s Coffee Lawsuit” – Do you have in the back of the head that it is supposed to be easy in the US to bribe money from big companies for injuries you have inflicted on yourself through stupidity? If so, you should see this video, behind this opinion is a lot of calculus:

Otherwise, I’m series-technically again passionate with Game of Thrones, am through with 13 Reasons Why, which has moved me very much, and have also discovered The Mist – if you are looking for an exciting horror series, I can only recommend you!


The more social blogging event organized by Aileen. With so much competition, the blogosphere is often far too much a counter-as a co-operation. Since a family event to start friendly networking, it is a nice idea and I hope that I can realize with the girls still so much. In general, we should share a lot more with each other!


Ein Beitrag geteilt von NOURI (@my_nouri) am


Gentrification! That’s why I’m also looking a little bit in the music video “Gentri F * ck dich” .. or melodically rocking .. or whatever. At the shoot, I could delete three things from my to-do list, which I always wanted to make: 1. Member of a biker Girlgang sein 2. Keep my middle finger in the running camera (#wow, such rebel) 3. A beach party on a slab roof (which is not on your to-do list?)


A mix of silky slip-dress from Mango (similar here), roll-neck pull, bag of COS and boots of Asos when it was even colder:


Slip Dress Kleid mit Pullover und Stiefeln und Bauchtasche Streetstyle BerlinNadelstreifen Mantel Streetstyle Berlin

Then my new favorite skirt from Jaded London too lots of second hand pieces of Kleiderkreisel and my beloved red sunglasses:


Jaded London Jaquard Rock blau Streetstyle BerlinAll black Streetstyle Berlin mit Netzstrumpfhose und roter Sonnenbrille

Pink Fila T-Shirt with my Calvin Klein bucket Bag, Rivets-Sandals and Jeans from & Other Stories:

Rosa Fila mit buntem Schriftzug Tshirt Streetstyle Berlin

My Biker Look with this second hand find:

Bikerhose Streetstyle Berlin Fashionblogger, Biker Lederhose mit Schnallen Outfit, Grunge Modeblogger, Look mit derber Lederhose, Nike T-Shirt

My relaxed Tumblr Vibes Look at the botanical gardens:

Mode Shooting im Botanischen Garten Berlin, Tumblr Stimmung natürliches Shooting, analoge Fotografie im tropischen Gewächshaus

Missguided Londunn Strap BH


Besides, I have fallen in love with the Missguided x Jourdan Dunn collection called Lodunn – from cropped sweatshirts to pretty lingerie, any of the sporty parts could come right home with me.



Another look: My highwaist pants by Asos worn with my Kangol  hat.

Berlin streetstyle gestreifte highwaist hoseKangol Mütze Cap rot

I hope you enjoyed your July just as much!

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