Inspiration: 5 cute summer styling ideas with jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are like dresses - only cooler. I'm showing you my 5 favourites and how I would style them: Easy, sporty, beachy, Femme Fatale and clever.

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I love jumpsuits 99% of the time – the other 1% I’m using a toilet and have to take off everything completely for it. But hey: especially beautiful things are always worth a small sacrifice. I still remember when I was celebrating with a jumpsuit in the Sisy – and one had to knot even complicated behind. In addition, you can drink even more than you do in your daily life. It was like one of those drinking games where you have to deal with some motor task, which of course is more difficult with every sip. A rather diabolic, self-indebted combination. In the club I do not wear the jumpsuits after my lesson, but they are more than suitable for every early summer day. Meanwhile, I myself amassed a small jumpsuit collection, and I know exactly what I like about the garment so much: there is the androgynous advantage that they have against clothes. And who is not so the dress-type is, eh not around the casual parts around!

I introduce you to my five favorites, which I have all found at Fashion ID and present them here with courtesy as I would like to combine them:

Athleisure – The sporty one 


sporty jumpsuit outfit collage fashion inspiration

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The dark blue, ultra sporty Jumpsuit is from Tommy Hilfiger and fits perfectly to the athletic trend. It is becoming more and more salonable to wear sportily, and I have always had the feeling in the athletes’ trend, people just look for an excuse to leave the house in jogging pants. Often, athletes look easy and comfortable for me – but this piece is miles away. This is really clever. I would like to wear the sporty jumpsuit to Converse, but to whom it is matchy-matchy, can adjust the Sneakers to the knot detail at the waist. That would be cool. The white backpack and the red cap, also by Tommy Hilfiger, fit perfectly.


Clean Chic – the minimalist

white jumpsuit outfit collage fashion inspiration


In these white Jumpsuit made of cotton, I absolutely fell in love. That exudes so much understated coolness – especially if one would wear it casual to black Converse. I can already see in front of me how I wear the outfit on a warm day at the beginning of the summer in Berlin – with the perfectly coordinated backpack in black and white hanging over a shoulder.

Femme Fatale – The red one


sexy red jumpsuit outfit collage fashion inspiration

For me, the best outfit for a date, where you want to give the right throttle. With this Jumpsuit you can throw someone visually, maximum destruction. A red dress would be too theatrical and too feminine. I usually wear pants on dates because I like it in such situations rather on a cool appearance than on a girlish dress. This red jumpsuit would be the perfect combination of adult and hot. The chunky chunky sandals match perfectly, the belt adds a sweet chain detail and the quilted backpack makes the look even cooler than any clutch could. There is a slightly loose styling clearly over an emphasized female with high heels and bags – because quite honest, this jumpsuit is already femininity enough.

Relaxed – Black denim

black denim jumpsuit outfit collage fashion inspiration

Black Denim – The piece is virtually your favorite jeans as a Jumpsuit. You can wear such a relaxed piece all the time, I could also imagine an all black everything look very well with it. Particularly clever, however, I find the waistcoat, which unobtrusively and effortlessly the black something with gray and white loosely. The Huaraches from Nike, the Puma Sneakers and, above all, the Platform shoes from DKNY fit perfectly into this color scheme. The cute bag by Liu Jo Jeans makes the sporty look a bit more chic.

Beach Look – The light one


beach jumpsuit outfit collage fashion inspiration


The wide-cut Denim Jumpsuitclearly has something playful childlike in itself. The Denim Sneakers with tropical patches fits very well and I would combine the whole thing with stripes: the yellow striped top from Vero Moda, the plateau mules – alternatively to the sweet sneakers – and the playful beach bag. So, if you are sitting in the office late in the spring and is already dreaming of your next holiday in Gran Canaria, this is the perfect outfit.

So, which one is your favourite?

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