Makeup tips for bad skin: Guide to the perfect complexion

Through the help of many makeup artists and a lot of trials with drugstore and high-end products, I now know how I achieve the perfect complexion even with problem skin without looking cakey. My makeup routine step by step and makeup tips for bad skin:

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My skin has gone through a lot, otherwise I could probably make no makeup tips for bad skin. If she were a self-sufficient person, she would have to be subjected to intense psychological treatment due to trauma. As a teenager Clerasil was always tipped to her after the Billo make-up from the drugstore was aggressively rubbed down with oily eyebrows (!) Remover. There was no final moisture control. Somehow, the connection between my mistreatment and the impurities never opened to me, I was totally blue-eyed. Only as Twenty-Something I came to good care and high-end, after my horizon had finally extended over DM and Rossmann. So many new brands and make-up techniques!

Since I am now working as a model as a model and have also been working as a cinematographer for a few years now, I am often made by make-up artists. Over the years, I have learned a lot, gagged and internalized, which is why the makeup Noob has now become a semiprofessional make-up junkie. Although my skin is always a problem for me, I am now getting a complexion that my teenage I would have dreamed of. For you I write down my makeup tips for bad skin and show you how I make my complexion every day – because I wish someone would have shown these tricks and products earlier. Besides, I go through my entire routine step by step with you and show you how I conceal bad skin without it being cakey looks. My guide to the perfect complexion:


(This article was translated from German with Google Translate)

Schminktipps für schlechte Haut, meine Make-up Routine Schritt für Schritt,

Less is more

My motto of makeup tips for bad skin is: Use as little as possible and as efficient / good products as possible. In YouTube videos the girls layer after layer layered in the face – that looks at most through the camera well. I would like to see them on the street, in the sunlight and from taking. It must look like this to Cake Face, that’s no different.

It shouldn’t look like makeup

When make-up artist make-up artists, they never use these masses of product. Since there is no concealer triangle under the eyes, no layer contouring over the foundation. Most make-up artists work a lot with Urban Decay, Mac or Kryolan and use these products sparingly and consciously.

Make-Up Flatlay, Schminktipps für schlechte Haut, meine Make-up Routine Schritt für Schritt,

Every skin is different

Maybe some products do not work with you, to which I swear. This can always be with skin. Since it helps you to know for sure that I have a sensitive mixed skin, which is pale and pink-stichig. Alone in the color selection most brands for me unfortunately flat, because my – let’s say – “noble pallor” is often not at all in the assortment. Dry spots, big pores, impurities, extreme fats throughout the day – no matter what I do, my skin is never in balance. Since I have some chronic diseases that are also related to diet, I am 100% sure that I have these problems because of that. It regulates itself a lot about the skin and who is sick 24/7 and medication must take every day, can never burst with radiant complexion by nature. In the meantime, she was quite good again, just after an operation in the summer everything has collapsed, as if the anesthesia chemistry had brought something out of balance in the long run. Hate it.

Anyway – if I can achieve a natural finish with this problem skin, you can do that too!

Here you can see my starting situation: I am a bit unpleasant to post my skin so raw, because now you see my daily Struggle (in the most flattering light, ha! Mostly I am red as a tomato).

Ungeschminkte Haut, Schminktipps für schlechte Haut, meine Make-up Routine Schritt für SchrittUngechminkte Haut, Schminktipps für schlechte Haut, meine Make-up Routine Schritt für Schritt,


Makeup tips for bad skin – my routine step by step

If it is important to me how I look at the day, I go through other steps as if I were just going to work. After all, I do not want to use my babies, while I’m only being bummed in the office. But on days when everything should sit, I go like this:

1.Beauty Blender

First, I prepare my Beauty Blender. I hold it under running water and wring it twice under the stream, so that it can be soaked and softened. Then I wring it dry, squeeze it into the towel, so that it really is not too moist and then spray it with Mac Fix +, the popular all-purpose water.

Schminktipps für schlechte Haut, meine Make-up Routine Schritt für Schritt, Beauty Blender



I start with a primer on my previously fed skin. I love the de-slick of Urban Decay, from which I distribute a less than pea-sized quantity on the face in the face, which begin to greet most of the day and to shine. This step reduces the oiliness at the end of the day.

This is followed by an equal quantity of pore-refining primers “Porefessional” of the Benefit brand. My pores appear immediately smaller and the complexion smoother.


Urban Decay Primer, Benefit Porefiller Flatlay


3.Color Correction (optional)

Make-up artists never make color-correcting, but for my redness I often use the technique. Green Concealer to this I possess of Isadora and Nyx – the Urban Decay I had at least times as a test size. However, Nyx works just as well and it is cheaper. I like the color at Urban Decay better, it is not so blue-stichig. However, one does not see this on the skin later eh.

To balance my redness with the complementary color green, I give small dots to red spots. Then I tap the concealer gently with my Beautyblender. Here it must really be very little, otherwise you are either green or needs a kilo Foundation to cover the concealer.


Schminktipps für schlechte Haut, meine Make-up Routine Schritt für Schritt, Colour Correcting Concealer auftragenColour Correcting Conealer Flatlay, Schminktipps für schlechte Haut, meine Make-up Routine Schritt für Schritt



Now comes the Foundation: For my whole life I have worn much too dark or much too yellow liquid make-up. The best way to deal with this is what your tone is and let you consult in case of doubt. Classic, you should choose a tone brighter, but when I do, I look dead and pale. So even with my MakeUp For Ever Ultra HD Foundation: It’s just too light. Great make-up, which I can recommend for difficult mixed skin, but unfortunately a bit ashy. I also the opacity is a bit too small – for the same reason, I have not the beautiful natural Dior Foundation synonymous not fetched. But if you do not have much to cover, take it, because it looks like your skin, only in immaculate.


But since we are talking about makeup tips for bad skin, you need more cover power and I love the Studio Face And Body Foundation from Mac. Every time a make-up artist dresses me up, I look fresh and natural, have a regular complexion with this youthful glow from within. At first I thought it was due to the good MUA’s (certainly!), But I had the perfect look of this foundation. Only with this foundation, I have never had a Cake Face, have perfect coverage, without looking strongly dressed up, neither looks pale nor pale and radiant practical. For me, there are foundations and there is that authority of the foundations. Actually it should not lie with the other mob in my make-up bag, but would have earned its own altar. It is suitable for dry and mixed skin, because for oily ones the Studio Fix Fluid would be the better choice. Go to find your sound, definitely in a Mac Store. I would have grasped it as well and to the test they have me an amazingly large sample simply completely filled for free.

A pump impulse on my beauty blender is enough, then gently pounding (not rubbing or circling).


Urban Decay Concealer Flatlay


5. Concealer

I dab some of my Urban Decay Concealer to all relevant places and then knock again. For others the journey is over here, but I take my special brush and wear more concealer. With this little brush – and only with it – it works with me. My eye shadow always needs a portion extra. I take a touch of Concealer on the tip and dab it in the place of my eye rings on the inside of the eye. I repeat the step and continue working downwards until the whole shadow is covered. In between, I always undershoot or over, so that the transition is smooth. Also around the nose I carry still more concealer.

I have yet another good concealer – the stick of Clarins, way too underrated everywhere. At the moment, he was only degraded to drive my upper lip along to the outside to visually enlarge it. Actually, he can be more and keep the whole day.




Schminktipps für schlechte Haut, meine Make-up Routine Schritt für Schritt,Concealer auftragen, Schminktipps für schlechte Haut, meine Make-up Routine Schritt für Schritt


6.Fix it

With a little powder on the beauty blender, I froze my complexion and make the result more durable. Absolutely must. The Ultra HD Powder from Make Up For Ever is actually my favorite. That stands out enormously from other powders, because it is so ultra-fine and velvety. After that you could not apply a layer, even if you wanted. It is as if everything would bounce off and the skin has this sating lance. BUT the powder makes my Urban Decay Concealer darken, which is why I always go back to the powder of Sensai. No idea if something is simply not compatible or it would be the same with every other brand.


Makeup Forever Puder Flatlay



With the Benefit High Beam Highlighter I lift my heart bow, my nasal tip, my upper cheeks and my nasal back. The liquid hunter with pink undertone is the perfect blend of silky glow and light shimmer. He holds still longer when I dab the satin eyeshadow. Despite my Urban Decay and Clarins eyeshadow pallets, I actually like an old Essence eyeshadow in white / shimmer (“The grammy goes glammy”). It works best and it is more intense than the others. I was also amazed.


Schminktipps für schlechte Haut, meine Make-up Routine Schritt für Schritt, HighlighterHighbeam Benefit Highlighter Flatlay



As a last step, I mostly contour my cheekbones with my Benefit Bronzer and / or wear a little blush. Today I have only made round bums, I am on this at the moment. The peachy Coralista and Sugarbomb of Benfit hold forever, although I am also in love with the Rouge palette of Nyx. I wish that there would be exactly these sounds from a brand that promises a more durability! Cool I find it anyway, although I will soon change the range against Rouge of Mac.


Schminktipps für schlechte Haut, meine Make-up Routine Schritt für Schritt, Rouge Flatlay, Schminktipps für schlechte Haut, meine Make-up Routine Schritt für Schritt


9.Setting Spray

Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray on top, so the look will last forever. However, you should not use it every day.



The result -Tada!

Schminktipps für schlechte Haut, meine Make-up Routine Schritt für Schritt,


The result I like now very much after the make-up – I used to have the wrong products with the wrong products, this heavy, sticky feeling on the skin, with which one likes to rub everything down. I finally got rid of it and the look is now so much more natural! For makeup tips for bad skin you have to keep in mind that you need a little more coverage than anybody who wakes every day with a skin that I might have after three filters. But hey: With good products and the right technique, you can definitely change your skin.

I hope my routine has helped you! Fake it till you make it and never go swimming on the first date, right?

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