It’s a wrap! Monthly recap April ’17

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What was going on in April? My personal recap with Instagram update, teen confessions and a slimey "Must watch" recommendation.

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Done: My birthday was in April – I turned 25 (hello quarter life crisis) but since I don’t care about birthdays, I didn’t really celebrate that. Every year I’m just kind of annoyed that people expect me to do something. At least last year I went to lasertag but this year I honestly just remembered one week before my birthday, that I still hadn’t planned anything and also didn’t wish for anything.

But hey, my dentist remembered and wrote me a personal letter, but she sees me more often than my friends anyway. I also got a letter which kindly invited me to the pensioners’ bingo.


(This article was translated from German with Google Translate)

Birthday outfit with red silk kimono and ripped jeans

I went to my university one last time to pick up my certificate – that last event was exactly on my birthday by the way. Now I’m finally done with studying at all and feel like I aged 50 years this month.

Big bun with white sheer bow hairstyleLevis denim shorts with easter bunny tailHappy easter polaroid with bum in denim shorts

Watched: Slime Videos. We live in a strange and colourful world and somewhere there the trend “slime videos” formed on Instagram. Maybe, as a true 90s kid like me, you used to own a can of green “monster slime”? One that smelled so carcinogenic, your parents didn’t even have to tell you not to play with it? Well, that stuff is back and this time it’s #CheesecakeCookieSkented. Apparently this trend started in Thailand, when teenagers started mixing glitter, glue and borax (stuff for killing cockroaches).


I had to face the fact that slime has more followers than me

It’s surprisingly relaxing to watch these teenagers play with slime. I don’t know how that stuff managed it into my Instagram feed but once I watched the first viedo, I couldn’t get enough of it. Today, there are a lot of international slime accouts that have more than 100k followers each, post meditative slime videos every day and make a ridiculous amount of money from selling their own slimes.

I think you have to see for yourself why it’s so addicting – but turn up the volume otherwise you’ll miss the best part!



Ein Beitrag geteilt von twix🍬slime (@twixslime) am

Found: An old note my embarassing teenie-self once wrote. It was in one of my super old bags. About 10 years ago I used to make lists before any date, just in case I would run out of things to say or ask. It never happened, but I always had this back up in my bag. 

Posted: Finally finally the pictures I took with Fran Baur in that crazy chandelier location. In part 1 I’m also explaining how it came to this and in part 2 I’m showing you an unusual set instead of a gown, which has one big advantage.

Two piece gown with embellished crop top outfit, model in chandelier shopmodel in chandelier shop


I also published my post about the coolest odd places in Bangkok. Even though I lived there for a couple months, until then I never told you what I discovered there!


bangkok odd places, bangkok ghost towerlingerie flatlay with bangkok photo book


Worn: My relaxed band shirt look with a rhinestone dog collar, skirts with Vichy checks and one of my faux fur jackets one more time – soon it will be too warm for these babies.


berlin street style with band shirt in all blackvichy check print skirtsBlack fake fur jacket, faux fur jacket in black


Tried: An improvisation theatre course. It was such a coincidence that I happened to meet the course director the day before and decided to check it out. Turned out to be a lot of fun and I think you can honestly profit from a course like this.

Dared: To post pictures with a bit more skin. I had so many leftover flowers from my birthday that I put to good use when I threw them in my bathtub for a little shoot. But I’ll tell you more about that another time, since I only posted a few making of selfies in April so far.

Making of selfies from bathtub photoshoot

smiley face out of middle fingers

Rhinestone star crown

So, what was your highlight in April?


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