It’s A Wrap! Monthly recap August ’17

My personal monthly recap of August: Of going into GoT nerd mode and about the most ridiculous job offer from a known influencer plattform. August lookbook included!

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In my August it was mainly about two things: My sudden nerd Game of Thrones mode and my job search. Read more if you want to know more about the most laughable job offer of an Influencer agency, which several bloggers already accepted.

Job hunt

I am not a big famous full-time blogger, maybe have a model order or jobbe at filmets here and there. This really does not finance a reliable rent and I do not want to jump to the point of joy when I sell something on, because that means that I can buy food again the next day. In short: I need a fixed salary. Like a normal human being.

I plan to travel through Africa through the whole of the German winter and would like to plan this trip without a specific departure date. (Because those journeys are the best!) It does not make much sense to apply for something festive there, where I really want to go: into an agency in the rough area of ​​social media. Something half-stable for intercourse already. My first application went to a platform for Influencer Marketing, where I have already been registered as a blogger for over a year. They are looking for only one trainee, but the application states that the job is “well paid”. Since I was not really an internship, I would not have applied without this reference.

I had to go through all the processes from the application letter to the personal interview, in order to finally find out that “well-paid” with this well-known Berlin platform means 450 € monthly for a full-time 40-hour week.

That’s about 2.50 € per hour. Just leave open the question, what is a bad pay for these people: 50 cents an hour and a monthly bottle of mate as a small attention? I was really stunned. Firstly, I thought the minimum wage law would go against such jokes (surprise: it only takes place at internships starting from 3 months) and secondly it is more than bold to formulate his job request. This – otherwise very sympathetic – company is looking specifically for bloggers, since we already have a lot of background knowledge. You practically only change the pages and now contact bloggers on behalf of the agency and companies. There seem to have been some bloggers accepting this offer so much seemed to be through. My favorite place was the one in which the person told me that there were chances of taking over after the internship – although she had already been able to see through the course of the conversation what a great number of different trainees had already occupied this position.

The Berlin start-up industry does not have the reputation to promise the big coal, especially in the creative field, but this offer I felt as a tip of the audacity. Sure, one can make times, if one absolutely in this area wants and one the gained experience is already payment enough. As a blogger, however, you already have a lot of knowledge, which is applied rather than learned. Apart from that, I know a lot of people from the industry and they are not all about such ridiculous internships. Besides, I do not want to accept anything badly paid, I finally studied! (Silent laughter from the off)


(This article was translated from German with Google Translate)

Maxi Blumenkleid Botanischer Garten Photoshoot, Tropisches Gewächshaus Fotografie Mode, Asos Saloon Maxikleid mit Blumen und Converse Sneaker, Über das Gefühl von Freiheit


Watched *GoT Spoiler*

Game of Thrones! I remember when I saw the first episode in 2011. “Oh, my God, does this guy just sleep with his SISTER?” “Fuck what, why do all of them die at once?” Every year, every season has always inspired me more and more, but I have only become a fan of this season. I do not know where that came from. Perhaps because the plot finally came together to form the true plot. Maybe because it’s just epic. GoT is not just a series. Series start with a first season and when the running is good, the producers think of something nice for more seasons. Game of Thrones, however, is a self-contained story that still builds on the events of the first episode and is now approaching the true climax. All characters have been observed since 2011 (when they have not died). One can practically with them grown. I was recently laughed for longer than I said “Like friends!”. To pursue this long-standing development, only to make their ways now begin to make sense, was epic.

The best I’ve just discovered at the end is the online discussions. Whether on Reddit, YouTube or Buzzfeed: International fans take the series almost more seriously than the makers, pounce on the smallest details to put up the most absurd theories. The Internet knew before the announcement, who plays Jon Snow’s father, as the actress of his mother during the period of the new filming the corresponding actor on Twitter has gefollowed and one of his tweets around Christmas rum as an allusion could be understood. These people research as if they had no life. It is analyzed globally, hurt and suffered – just the political background and tricky games of the characters leave much room for speculation. It is this community that has really convinced me now – one sees such a series in a completely different way then.

Which theory is confirmed? What could the new storyline point to? Did this nerd on Reddit really be right and the Night King is really the good one? Is the whole series really a metaphor for global warming?

After every new episode, the Internet simply goes off. Too bad that I got so late to the HypeTrain. But a season is still available to us and until then I look at each episode again.


🇩🇪GAME OF THRONES STAFFELFINALE – heute Nacht! ❄🔥❄🔥💀🐲 Hypeddd. Diese Staffel zieht mich so mit: Ich lese jede Analyse und Fan-Theorie, die ich finden kann. #cleganebowl ? #boatsex haha?  Diese Folge wird episch! Seriously, die haben den Plot, auf den es jetzt endlich hinausläuft, seit 2011 aufgebaut. 2-0-1-1. Wenn 2018 die letzte Staffel ausgestrahlt wird, ist mein Leben einfach vorbei. Seid ihr auch solche Fangirls & boys? Was glaubt ihr passiert heute? . . . Ich wollte heute eigentlich etwas anderes posten, aber die Bilder hier von Island damals sind zufällig das GoT-igste was ich jemals getragen habe. #ReadyForTheNightwatch oder so . . ___________ . . . .🇬🇧GAME OF THRONES SEASON FINALE – guys I’m hyped! ❄🔥❄🔥💀🐲 They seriously built up this plot since 2011 and I can’t wait to see what happens. Are you fangirls & boys too? What do you think will happen? I’m reading every analysis and fan fiction I can get my hands on. I actually wanted to post something else today but these old pics from Iceland happen to be the most GoT thing I’ve ever worn. #ReadyForTheNightwatch

Ein Beitrag geteilt von ⚡park&Bark Fashion blog (@malin.rouge) am



My doctor has advised me to change to gluten-free, because I have supposedly developed a measurable gluten intolerance. Where the “time” already implies too much, that such a conversion would be easy. She is not. One does not forgo “times” on bread, pasta, cakes, cookies and beer. People, that is practically my overall menu. There are gluten-free bread, gluten-free noodles, even the one or other gluten-free beer I have at the Game of Thrones looking already gekillt. But it’s all so cumbersome and limiting and you can only eat at home. I hope this will not be a permanent state. First of all, it was a four-week test phase. I do not want to imagine how I should go through it in Africa.



Here we go – my August Lookbook including all the outfits that have surfaced this month in my Instagram feed:

Monatsrückblick August Blogpost Spark&Bark 

You find this look here

– together with an honest article

about Tinder.



Monatsrückblick August Blogpost Spark&Bark


New babies from Nike

with DIY bows

( 10€ via Kleiderkreisel)



Monatsrückblick August Blogpost Spark&Bark



Bag by Topshop 

Dress: Stradivarius



Monatsrückblick August Blogpost Spark&Bark



Find the whole oversized look




Monatsrückblick August Blogpost Spark&Bark



 T-Shirt  The Ragged Priest


blue overknees: Public Desire


Monatsrückblick August Blogpost Spark&Bark



Patches Look

next to the article

about why readers aren’t friends


Monatsrückblick August Blogpost Spark&Bark


Fav jeans






Monatsrückblick August Blogpost Spark&Bark 


This pink look

and my pink wish list



Monatsrückblick August Blogpost Spark&Bark


 Vintage Hawaii shirt

with Dollskill shorts &

Monki bag



Monatsrückblick August Blogpost Spark&Bark



Maxi dress and my thoughts about

the feeling of freedom




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