It’s a wrap! Monthly recap March ’17

It's getting personal: Let me show you the coolest wedding dresses and a band I swear you will love!

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Done: Much for the blog! I shooted a lot and finally arrived in the blogosphere again after my little time out. I should have started looking for jobs, since I’m done with my bachelor thesis – but ugh, I’m so laaazy! If you happen to know an opening where I can watch Netflix all day and sleep until 12am: Call me.

thrasher flatlaytohuwabohu lightbox

I already said it on Instagram: This March I was filmed for the German series “Tatort” – playing the role of an underaged prostitute. “Yeay!” (Haha) The episode will go on air in 2018 and I’m pretty sure I will surprise my family (they are all watching this) with a dinner far away from every TV that day.

tatort outfit

Watched: Every video from Hatice Schmidt’s makeup YouTube channel – she’s extremely cool and real… also German, sorry!

Listened to: Tennis! I’m not talking about the “pock.. pock.. pock” of back and forth flying balls, but the dreamy band from Colorado. Their retro aesthetic alone is reason enough to like them. Seriously – watch this video, it’s so sweet!

Loved: The Christian Dior Spring 2017 Ready to wear dresses. I actually don’t want to marry, but now I have to find a guy just for an excuse to wear one of these dresses!


Worn: My beloved space pants, a look with a lot oy eyes and safety pins, my Bangkok pants with Vichy checks and my ballet flats from Zara. I also started the never ending quest to find the perfect pair of false lashes. 


silver space pants mangovichy karo hosebeauty close up

Upsetting: Definitely the sexism on the clothes swapping platform Vinted and the other blogger who let me down. We planned a photoshoot together, since she is running a photography and fashion blog and is looking for other bloggers to shoot in whole Germany. I’m wondering if others made such bad experiences with her as well. The first time she forgot me, second time she spontaneausly cancelled and at the third attempt she ditched me. It took me hours to get ready and when I waited at our meeting point, she simply didn’t show up, even though she said she would come only minutes ago. She didn’t even answer her phone and no, that wasn’t an accident, that was calculated. On her blog she preaches in almost every article how important it is that bloggers work together and criticises a lot that some bloggers appear so nice, but are unfriendly in real life. Well, I just hope I will never come across somebody like her again. Luckily, some other photographer filled in and I had a cooler evening with him than I would have had with this hypocritical person.


So, what was your highlight this March?

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