It’s a wrap! Monthly recap May ’17

What was I up to in May? My personal recap including Instagram update, Berlin tipp and the best new series.

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Done: Started in the month as it should be every month: With a street festival and beer. This month, there was a special art exhibition in Berlin: “The House”. Artists have toppled an old house near Kudamm and turned it upright again before it is demolished in June. Trying to get in was definitely the biggest fail of the month and had Berghain level. I drove there twice, but twice the serpent was long, and did not move forward. According to rumors, people there have given 6 hours of waiting time. Cool, that there are such projects in Berlin – not cool, that it ends like this.


(This article was translated from German with Google Translate)

double exposure shot with fish effect


Speaking of great Berlin projects: this month also opened the Holzmarkt, the adult successor of the legendary Bar25. Party people are also grown up and I understand this project as follows: The ravers of that time have created a sort of child-friendly, colorful center with a range of events and a wild chill-out area. I was there and will definitely be back. The atmosphere there is as relaxed as at a festival and you can sit so beautifully at the water. You only have to consider whether you really want to spend 4 € for a beer.


Boho wedding outfit, bohemian wedding dress with white lace jumpsuit
At the Flaconi wedding event with And Compliments


Annoyed: By smart tipps from others. This is how I feel are most of those:

All you need to do is to buy a ticket, then everything will be fine!

– Live advice of a lottery winner.

I’m currently looking for a job search and a shared flat search and both are about as pleasant as one might expect. Especially in Berlin. My personal highlight was until now the slave, who wanted to let me move into his domina shared flat – that is quite symbolic for my success so far in the search. But anyway, I am also only active for 2 weeks. A period of time that makes every true Berliner burst out in laughter.


grunge style hands with rose, nail design


Watched: The utopian, new series “The Handmaid’s tale”, in which the US have turned into a fascist, religious nightmare. The makers of the series have certainly foreseen Trump, but the situation also reminds me very much of certain Arab countries and groups. Women are not equal in that world, they serve as muzzled, veiled birth giving machines. The series is damn well done and makes you think – a must watch, definitely!

New babies:

red high heels with wavy strapsstainless steel earring with hoop and holestwo glasses fashion collagebahama mama bronzer by the balm


Worn: Grunge mixed with boho and grunge mixed with a preppy style. In addition, I have presented to you the first look of my little oversized series – more will follow soon. I’ve combined a pinstriped coat really sporty and turned my inside out for you.


grunge boho mix fashion outfit, carpet print dress and leather jacketgrunge and preppy mix berlin street style with velvet blazeroversized batik sweater streetstyle berlin with patent leather bootssporty berlin street style with pinstripe coat and white jeansbra over t-shirt berlin street style with velvet bomber jacket and adidas sneakers

And, what was you highlight in May? 

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