Monthly Recap November ’17 & Lookbook

My November Lookbook & personal insights into my November: I have a new Spirit Animal, a new must-watch recommendation and am very busy driving around Berlin on four wheels.

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Right now, it’s all about my driver’s license, which I’m trying to survive in panic until I leave for South Africa. Almost every day I have driving lessons, because I am not that natural and should have really started earlier (Story of my life). There are too many to pay attention in Germany! When I taught myself how to drive in Hanoi, everything was so much easier. Go with the flow was practically the only rule. Nobody checks the driver’s license and everyone drives as he wants. It’s as dangerous as it sounds. Unfortunately, Germany does not recognize “I’m illegal illegally without a license in Southeast Asia” as permission to drive here. So I have to go the official way.

My driving instructor is also a real Berlin sunshine. The day before yesterday, he complained again about the driving school and I wanted to cheer him up and say something positive about his job: “After all, you can sit all day in the warm and .. uh drive through the city,” I said a bit weak. He then explained to me that he always gets only the cold cars and that triggers hemorrhoids at his age.


(This article was translated from German with Google Translate)

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Fail of the month

Because I can only pay for my driving school in cash, my fuffies are everywhere. Old hummus dropped on a small pile and I had to wash my money (Facepalm).


Finally the series BoJack Horseman! It’s about an older, fucked up movie star from the 90s, who tries in vain to be happy in Hollywood. Only he is a horse, his agent is a cat and the whole thing is a comic series for adults. It’s actually just a funny series, but I like that the seemingly hopeless search for true happiness is at the center of the story. Ironical social criticism and a constant, subliminally depressive tone make up most of the consequences. No matter what BoJack does, nothing fills him. BoJack is my new Spirit Animal.

“The key to being happy isn’t a search for meaning. It’s to just keep yourself busy with unimportant nonsense and eventually, you’ll be dead!” – Talking animals aside, sometimes this series is just too real.


My November Lookbook & what you missed on Instagram, you should not follow me there yet:

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Small Life Update end – and on Tuesday I’ll tell you my highlight of November, you can even win. So: stay tuned and a beautiful 1st Advent!

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