It’s A Wrap! Monthly recap October ’17 & Lookbook

Underground cave systems and horrible movie shoots - Much has not been predictable in October. A slightly more negative recap than usual plus my entire October lookbook.

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My October was unfortunately not so varied, as far as the healthy relationship between Abfuck and beautiful events. Most annoying was the tragedy on my phone! Did you know that actually all major mobile phone manufacturers will not repair your phone, even if it breaks due to device damage by the manufacturer? Just because your display has a scratch? Here we go with excitement number one, who might also be of interest to you:


Although my phone broke down in the warranty period – after only 7 months – I will probably be allowed to pay more money than I originally paid. And why? Because LG gives as much to its customers as any other big company: nothing. My phone suddenly stopped working after loading it for the first time. I did not think much about it at first, the panic broke out when it still did not turn on properly at home even after a long wait. I snooped that my cell phone is caught in a “boot loop”, which causes a lot of processing errors for this LG model. The only salvation: replace the entire interior. Including all data and pictures, which of course I have not additionally secured somewhere. Everything gone.

I spent a lot of time on the phone with repair services, data recovery companies and LG for days, now the situation looks like this: If I want to save my data, I have to send my mobile phone first to a company and that does not cost less than 150 €. Then I send it to the manufacturer LG. But – now comes the best – they refuse to repair the damage, as long as my display is not tip-top. Whose display is that? I have an armored foil and an extra good and therefore super ugly phone case, which should have protected me above all else. Nevertheless there was a rift. LG forces you to replace the display for 150 € and only then do you take care of the warranty case. You have no choice. If you had a cheaper repair shop set up the display, LG will no longer be able to repair the warranty claim because it was externally fumigated. Also, no repair company can direct my “bootloop”, this is only LG in the situation. What a coincidence, huh? Think about it next time, when companies promise you a guarantee. That is often linked to unfair conditions.


(This article was translated from German with Google Translate)

Ohrringe Explosion goldMonatsrückblick Oktober, Outfit weißer Playsuit und 80s Bomberjacke mit Patches Boots


… to the Elbsandstein mountain range for a climbing trip. Four days in a small hut by the mountains, to climb the peaks with fat equipment every day. Exciting for me because I have never climbed on real rock. To be honest, when I booked the trip, it was hardly clear to me how dangerous climbing could be. In the drizzle jump from one mountain peak to the other mountain top, about two meters over a steep gorge, without security .. several times. That was crazy! It was raining a bit, so we had to improvise: partly just climbed the slightly wet rock. On the last day we went over to the Czech Republic to underground cave systems. It was pretty freaky to squeeze through there and I’ll post my full travelogue soon.


… Spa Days with my mum! I once had her eat sushi followed by a liquidrom stay at Girls Only Day. That’s the – in my opinion – best spa in Berlin, with the most beautiful pools and saunas directly from the sauna heaven. Honey, salt peeling and eating fruits in the sauna with fir infusion: we do that more often now.

Monatsrückblick Oktober, Outfit weißer Playsuit und 80s Bomberjacke mit Patches BootsMonatsrückblick Oktober, Outfit weißer Playsuit und 80s Bomberjacke mit Patches BootsMonatsrückblick Oktober, Outfit weißer Playsuit und 80s Bomberjacke mit Patches Boots



First an event with Marina Hoermanseder and immediately afterwards one of Nouri. Most beautiful event hopping! Unfortunately, my escort had to wait for me because someone recognized me in the bus as @ Malin.Rouge – it got me so far off the concept that I got off too early and had to walk two kilometers through the rain.

Biggest Fail

Do you know days when everything, really everything goes wrong? October was prime time for those.

Like this one: I had the most exhausting day at work with a horrible team on the set of a new German film. Actually, I make, if at all, only small actor. However, I still had to book for this shoot as an extra, for whatever reason. Instant Regret. The film crew on that bleak day in early October was really sick. A woman from the team bellowed me again and again, right next to Matthias Schweighöfer, the word “RIGHT !!!” to. Praying me to stand 10cm farther to the right for the scene seemed a bit out of place. She had to yell the word about six times, until I even understood what she wanted me to do. The shoot lasted for more than 12 hours, which none of us had suspected. Surprise, a 12 hour working day! The majority of this time I spent in a wet and cold (!) Staircase, because the entire organization was pure horror. For the final scene, the team demanded that we run to a courtyard without jackets. But it was raining heavily. “Where are our umbrellas?” I ask rather sarcastically. “We do not play rain,” was the answer and I just refused for this scene. At 6 o’clock we had started to turn and at 19 o’clock I was home again, completely exhausted. I can not remember ever having had a worse working day. In the evening there was also a party that I did not want to miss. Completely finished, I have completely styled up again and am going with the bike, only to drive to the wrong address. My buddy has rented a location in the Berliner Straße, but there are several times in Berlin.

As I cycled in the middle of the night through a gloomy allotment garden near the highway, I slowly realized that the address could not be correct.

Because of all the stress I did not check the postal code. The right address was in Prenzlauer Berg at the other end of Berlin, a good distance away. In order not to have put all the effort in vain, I still drove to the next S-Bahn station, to go straight through with the Ringbahn. But it was completely canceled due to storm damage – classic DB. I think I arrived at 2am at some point and the only thing that could save my mood was a dive in the Pfeffibrunnen. And a burger. A huge, greasy burger that was not a bit gluten-free. Three days of stomach pain and two days hangover, but fuck it.

Monatsrückblick Oktober, Outfit weißer Playsuit und 80s Bomberjacke mit Patches Boots



Okay okay: I wore the outfit with 80’s jacket in the very last days of September. I love the white playsuit! No other garment conjures up such a perfect figure, because the metal bars in the upper part can be bent and snuggle up like tailor-made.

Here are all looks from October:


Monatsrückblick Oktober Lookbook Spark&Bark Berliner ModeblogOnygo Boots mit Schnallen, Balenciaga Ceinture Fake Ripp Off

Monatsrückblick Oktober Lookbook Spark&Bark Berliner Modeblog
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Grüne Haare Perücke

Monatsrückblick Oktober Lookbook Spark&Bark Berliner Modeblog
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Rose SchattenMonatsrückblick Oktober Lookbook Spark&Bark Berliner Modeblog

Monatsrückblick Oktober Lookbook Spark&Bark Berliner Modeblog
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Hope your October was less chaotic!

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