Summertime Naturetime : Wooden Sunglasses

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Fresh out of
the deepest forest comes this summer trend: Shades with wood look! I have to
admit that I have a real passion for collecting sunglasses. They all take up a
corner in my room where they hang from three stretched cords and everybody who
stops by is like “Woah girl, you’ve got a lot of sunglasses”. The sad part is,
that it’s far too seldom sunny in Berlin. But besides this little tragic
contradiction, I really enjoy picking the matching sunglasses for my outfits.
The next
highlight to decorate my little shade gallery (and hopefully my face too from
time to time) will probably be some wooden sunglasses. I want some of those
quite a long a time. What immediately got me was the pristine but not hippie-like
natural look. Even big city dwellers like me turn into children of nature with
a pair of those. The ones you see here are all from Wood Fellas (and aren’t the
regular glasses a cool idea too?) you can get them online here.


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