3 days, 3 oversize street styles // Day 1 oversize batik sweater with boots

Oversize Batik Pullover mit Lackstiefeln und Love Moschino Tasche Streetstlye
In three days I'm going to show you three different oversized street styles - first one is this batik number in a wild combination which is absolutely not suitable for the office.

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I‘m a huge fan of oversize. One does not have to show the female body the whole time in hautegen clothes. I like to wear such looks, but I find that there are far more exciting and creative ways to get hot. If you do it right, you can also make a sweet appearance in potato-like parts if you put it on it. For me, this is the cooler approach than a simple, tight skirt and a narrow top. Oversize is wonderfully comfortable to wear and I like to use the oversize cut to form a counterpoint to particularly striking pieces. In three days, I present to you my beloved oversize street styles with three quite different trends and prints. Number one: Batik!


(This article was translated from German with Google Translate)

Oversize Batik Pullover mit Lackstiefeln und Love Moschino Tasche Berlin Streetstlye

The oversize batik sweater

What I like are large prints which make the most of oversized pieces with a lot of fabric. According to the motto: If a lot, then please even more. Oversize alone is often striking enough, but together with patterns the effect is still doubling. Patterns are even more conspicuous in conjunction with oversized cuts, giving a statement that can not be overlooked.

This is why the Oversize Batik Pullover has also jumped into my face. I found a similar one on the clothes swapping platform Vinted, but the sweater apparently got lost with the post and never came to me. Something like this has happened to me for the first time and I’ve been more annoyed that I would never be able to wear the sweater than about the few euros that I lost. Main thing a post office worker has now what for cozy Netflix evenings.

Thank goodness I have found a pretty similar part – the Oversize t-shirt sweater in the pictures – still about Zalando’s men’s department. So I still came to my batik happiness in oversize. Happy end!

Oversize Batik Pullover mit Lackstiefeln und Love Moschino Tasche StreetstlyeLove Moschino Schultertasche schwarz goldOversize Batik Pullover mit Lackstiefeln und Love Moschino Tasche Berlin StreetstlyeGroße Samtschleife und Batik Pullover

Style mix with patent leather boots and huge velvet bow 

Yes, the combination is pretty wild, I admit that. By the way, I would always recommend in such “dresses” to wear a normal shorts underneath, I do here as well. I really like it to connect these huge oversized pieces with hot elements – that’s such a strong contrast. With Sneakern alone the Streetstyle would be much too stupid and would rather look for “times fast still from the tanker”. And the other way around you can wear the lacquer boots (especially with the tights of the net) also only to more casual parts, so that the outfit does not become too disreputable. Otherwise it will quickly “times the night next to the tank”. I think the two extremes are very well balanced. And why the huge bow? Why no huge bow, hm?

Oversize Batik Pullover mit Lackstiefeln und Love Moschino Tasche StreetstlyeX-Ohrklemme gold Schmuck DetailsSchwarze Lackstiefel mit NetzstrumpfhosenOversize Batik Pullover mit Lackstiefeln und Love Moschino Tasche Streetstlye

Oversized batik sweater (for men): Your Turn

Patent leather boots: Simmi (Similar)

Huge velvet bow: Etsy

Bag: Love Moschino

Ideas for styling batik pieces 

Actually, I am not a big fan of batik and I literally own only one piece with the print. For me, batik will always have something of 90s DIY youthcamp crafts, but there are very nice parts. I have put together a few of my favorite pieces here – somehow I love this extremely colorful T-shirt enormously:




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