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Blogs are basically endless self-expression, so we bloggers are probably the best to ask when it comes to sefie tips. Your self-proclaimed selfie queen will now tell you everything about set-up, tools & helpful apps.

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It’s almost absurd how much I deal with the topic: the right light, the right background, the most useful apps and programs. After all, my self-expression has become practically a part-time job! As strange as it sounds. Sure, it’s relatively easy to face a neutral background and take a quick selfie – but how exciting is the result? I see the challenge in shooting pictures where the viewer gets stuck. They have to radiate something. But they should still look after me unaffected.

Today I share with you my selfie tips and tricks when you look for new inspiration because you run out of bathroom poses. In addition, with the kind permission of MyTrendyHandy, I present you their guide for good selfies. You find it on page two – it’s German though


Selfie Society

Selfies, as self-indulgent nothingness, are almost symbolic of the 21st century.

Selfies give you the stage to celebrate yourself for a moment. “Make a pretty picture of you” they could just behind “Take a long bubble bath and read your favorite book” in Life Guide write. Why not? What is quickly devalued as narcissism, stands for a healthy self-confidence. My attitude to selfies hovers somewhere between “It feels good, everyone should feel pretty” and “This omnipresent aesthetic compulsion annoys me”.

While some shoot selfies as if they belong to their morning routine, others can not even associate the word. Like my older driving instructor who suggested at the first hour, I should take a “selfie from the gearshift”.

But actually you can hardly beat it around: your Facebook profile you can not fill forever with pictures of your cats and on Tinder you make synonymous nobody with anime screenshots. Your friends shoot shaky pictures with double chin from you. It is not that difficult: In peace and at home you can shoot really nice pictures. Just need some inspiration and practice.


(This article was translated from German with Google Translate)

Selfie Tipps: The right helpers

You actually shoot selfies with your phone, but I prefer to work with my Nikon D5100 SLR camera. Besides, my phone is still broken (ugh). In both – mobile phone and camera – I have the device reluctant in the hand when I take a picture of me. Since you have in the end just a cramped arm with it. If you still want to handle it this way, you should get yourself a “Smartphone finger holder”. A like this one makes it so much easier to hold the phone!

And when I’m working with my SLR, I could never live without my tripod and remote shutter. Depending on the model, you may need a different design. In any case, my part was super cheap: For a few euros, I have been using my small remote control as a trigger for years, and the thing has even fallen into the water several times.


Selfie Tipps, so schieße ich meine Selfies, Bildbearbeitung und Hilfsmittel für Selfies



I think accessories make it easier to shoot selfies. As a selfie tip, I would recommend anything that makes you play well: an old camera, flowers, your pet. I’m really excited about prisms. These elongated glass bodies in triangular shape can be held with one hand in front of the camera and produce beautiful reflections and light reflections.


Selfie Tipps, so schieße ich meine Selfies, Bildbearbeitung und Hilfsmittel für SelfiesSelfie Tipps, so schieße ich meine Selfies, Bildbearbeitung und Hilfsmittel für Selfies

The light

… is of course one of the most important components of any kind of photography and should not be missing from my selfie tips. Natural light is the most flattering and I prefer the damped version behind the window. If you have a headlamp-like daylight lamp, which can also be great in the dark as a light source. Sometimes I do that when I miss the light of day.

If you like me have a balcony or even garden: Jackpot! Catch the sun! Bright sun is often not really advantageous, but produces strong shadows. And with them you can play great. Wild Sunspots that creates a treetop? Striped shadows under your garden table? Does the sun shine through a grid or a fence? Such shadows can be used nicely. One idea is to keep half of the face in the sun and the other half in the shadows.

You do not always have to turn to the camera or to the light – play around, because just a few shadows can make a picture more interesting. In the first two pictures of the article I stand both times with my back to the light. Mostly, however, I have lateral light on my photos. Often this is because there is so little space between the curtain and the window.


The background

In retrospect, I have always made it unnecessarily difficult for years, even though I had the perfect photobooth all the time at home: my white curtain in front of the window. Between curtain and window is absolutely perfect. I do not know why it took me so long to figure it out. With the curtain in the back and the view to the window, you immediately have the best, neutral background and at the same time natural light from the front. Is not better!

To play around a bit, I recently got myself a glitter curtain, which I can hang on the balcony. It cost about 1 € and is pretty funky in the background. But those are next level selfie tips, if you are really serious. Normally, you may not feel like picking up extra photo backgrounds – but I’m just saying it’s an option! It’s just a bit extra.


Selfie Tipps, so schieße ich meine Selfies, Bildbearbeitung und Hilfsmittel für Selfies


The pose

You do not shoot a passport photo, so creativity is always better. Half face, large angles, small contortions – usually everything looks uncomfortable in the end actually more interesting. It helped a lot to save beautiful poses on Instagram in an collection. For me, the platform is a great source of inspiration anyway and I have collections for everything now. It’s not about copying one to one. These inspirations have given me more feeling for the cause.


The editing

I always edit my pictures with Photoshop and what I’m doing in this way has earned a single blog post. If you want it fast and easy on the phone, I recommend PicsArt for effects like those little hearts above my head. VSCO offers beautiful filter alternatives to Instagram and is also used by many other bloggers and photographers. In fact, you can now cut out backgrounds in Snapchat and the app is worthwhile even for photo editing. Even if that’s not their main benefit. As clean as I have in the following pictures with Photoshop replaced the background, it certainly does not work – but it’s fast & easy. Facetune (costs something!) I also had on the phone and thought it was cool. With the app, you can retouch and edit photos in great detail. If you only work on the phone, you should look at the app.


Selfie Tipps, so schieße ich meine Selfies, Bildbearbeitung und Hilfsmittel für SelfiesSelfie Tipps, so schieße ich meine Selfies, Bildbearbeitung und Hilfsmittel für Selfies

Accept & minimize outtakes

Often one is far too critical with oneself. In the meantime, I deliberately slow myself down for a few pictures and then I choose the one with which I feel most comfortable. I used to flood my laptop with files. When taking pictures, I was convinced that nothing had happened yet. But that is nonsense, that you tell yourself in the endless search for perfection. You might not have the photo you imagined on the first try, and everyone – really everyone – has outtakes. Many outtakes. But do not go crazy, a maximum of ten attempts of the same motive are absolutely sufficient.


Of course, all the selfie tips are just ideas to inspire you – no one has to pretend to be a photo or turn into someone else when editing a picture. I hope the tips help you capture your natural beauty


Selfie Tipps, so schieße ich meine Selfies, Bildbearbeitung und Hilfsmittel für Selfies 


If you would like to read more, very basic selfie tips for photo sharing and design, check out the MeinTrendyHandy Guide on page two! It also introduces you to a free alternative to the Facetune app that I have installed too:

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