It’s a wrap! September recap ’17 & Lookbook

September recap and life update: New job, new stress, new recommendations for you and concentrated inspiration in the form of all of the month's looks.

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Yes, it went ahead: Today is again a personal retrospect. Through my new job, I was only too stressed to blog in September, but now everything has settled. Below you will find my whole September Lookbook with all the outfits of the month. But first comes my personal September recap:


After I have been so excited about my last Recap Post that a certain company would like to sell 450 € per month for a full time as “well paid” (again at this point: Mittelfinger for you), I found a job shortly afterwards , in which I do not have to scratch Mc Donald’s Käsereste from dustbins to survive. And this is a very un-euphoric description for my new work. This is just as chilled as I hoped. Since I am going to Africa soon, I have been looking for a casual job for which I do not have to talk to people. Sit down, make music, do something, pay.

And what did I find?

Now I work as a freelancer in the content area of ​​a relaxed, young company. It’s fashion, for example, we work with Zalando and About You. The mood is very casual and I love the fact that so many colleagues bring their dogs to work. My tasks lie in the text area, so I work next to the stations photoproduction (with models, stylists, make-up artists and photographers) and photo processing. I am the week before it completely as I would like in our availability list and could also without notice a month suspend. When I’m booked, I can even come to work when I want, as long as I can manage the total hours I’ve entered. People, if you know me, you know how perfect that is for me. I reject any kind of constraint. Further advantage: very nice colleagues and superiors. Disadvantage: very fluctuating order situation. But that’s all right, because I have enough time for all my other projects – like Spark& ​Bark.

I’ve had the very first 8 hours office day of my life – shocking

What’s other’s everyday life is not so normal for me. Since I have come to my entire life until now drum. Well, basic life is calling, hardly that the study is over. I still have to get used to the daily routine of the office.


(This article was translated from German with Google Translate)

Berlin Fotografie Sonnenuntergang YorckstraßeStairway to heaven


A climbing certificate! I started bouldering a long time ago (something like indoor climbing) and now I want to be on real rocks. In a week we will go to the Elbsandsteingebirge, where I took a course in September. I wanted to go to the training actually more often bouldering, but frankly, I am always as sporty as Winnie the Pooh after a pot of honey. A friend wanted to accompany me spontaneously to the climbing trip, but did not dare, as it finds the level too demanding. It climbs much better than me! For a pretty noob like me, the trip is perhaps a rather bad decision. But I go there quite easily, although I panic so many people. If it is difficult, I learn a lot. If need be, hang out in the village bar, go hiking and yodelling, or whatever the people in the mountains do.

Beauty Fotografie Portrait getrocknete Blumen GesichtDeine letzte Nachricht für immer Flatlay


On a bike tour, a friend and I accidentally discovered the shortest route of the BVG. This is located at Müggelsee and leads over a small canal from the station Spreewiesen over to the Kruggasse. An employee is actually rowing the tiny boat just for you.


This is not only funny, but the area is also quite pretty, so I can recommend the route times in every Müggelsee bike tour. Just don’t do it like us and take wrong turns until you end up in Brandenburg, outside of Berlin.


The interactive photo exhibition called Olympus Perspective Playground at  Kraftwerk Berlin. Unfortunately already over, so no recommendation anymore – but if you follow me on Instagram, you surely got something in my story on time. It was the coolest show I’ve been to lately: free admission and you got a new Olympus camera of your choice, with which you could take pictures of the crazy installations in gloomy concrete atmosphere. Selfie Heaven. You even got the memory card afterwards!


Olympus Perspective Playground Berlin 2017 Olympus Perspective Playground Berlin 2017                                                                                                                                            


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The fail of the month goes to the post office. A PR agency has sent me a package that I’ve been waiting for. At some point, my neighbor in the yard told me that for three weeks a large package addressed to me stood with him. No notification from DHL. And what was in it? A dead, dried-up mint plant. Rest in peace, Minty.


Textile nostalgia – in the last warm days it went a few times without three layers of tights. I’ll show you all the Instagram looks and blog outfits from September:

Berlin Modeblogger Streetstyle Bomberjacke rotKette Pistole und Kette MaschinengewehrRoter Badeanzug Modeblogger Berlin90's Camouflage Look Streetstyle Berlin, Camouflage Kleid mit Netz-Tshirt und Vintage Nikes, Berlin Modeblogger

Find this 90’s street style here.

Flower Grunge Streetstyle Berlin ModebloggerWahlbrief RosenBluebella Lace BodyStrick-Jumpsuit Streetstyle Berlin bordeaux, Modeblogger Outfit Karo Hemd geknotet, Strick Wishlist Herbst

See more of this knitted jumpsuit in my Knit wish list.

Gestreiftes Kleid Asos Blogger Streetstyle Berlin


Hope your September paid off as well!

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