Going To Prom With Myself

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Okay, my
prom is already over but if it was still ahead and I hadn’t found a date in
time I could definitely play the double role dressed like this. One me in that
mermaid dress and the other me in that elegant overall for the masculine part.
I would make the most awesome lesbian couple.
I was
wearing this dress when I attended an elegant birthday event with my family. Right
after I spontaneously went to some kind of wild home party at the other end of
the town where I already looked.. let’s say “a bit out of place” next to the
punks who organized it. A friend of mine lent me his XXXL sneakers because me
feet hurt – I’m not really used to high heels. 
Fancy like that we went to a club here in Berlin. I didn’t even bother
putting on my wedges in front of the bouncers, I don’t know why but they
actually let me in like that.

Dress: Motel │ Necklaces: DIY │ Heels: Zara

I made
these necklaces myself with two black stones from Iceland. I grabbed the
smaller one when we climbed up a volcano in the middle of the secluded highland
and the longer one is directly from a glacier – it was hurled there years ago
through a volcano eruption and was picked up by me on our glacier ice climbing
tour. Both stones are made of lava. More about the adventurous trip here and
here. The necklaces are made of stainless steel and I used silver wire to wrap
it around:

“Legacy” Overall: Three Floor │ Earrings: Topshop │ High heels: Steve Madden

Happy new year by the way! Hope all of you had a good time and didn’t get a firecracker to the head or something like that. 
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