Travelling To Ko Phi Phi

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I already showed some pictures of Ko Phi Phi in my last post: It was absolutely wonderful there. I thought I’d show you a bit more. A friend and I went to the island while travelling through Thailand. I always thought I’d need a huge city to life somewhere but I somehow fell in love with Ko Phi Phi. They don’t even have bikes or cars, you just walk everywhere or take a water taxi (aka wonderfully oldschool motorboat). The people we met there go to pool/barbecue/ beach parties all day and work at the bars at night. It’s basically all about parties. Me and my friend worked in one of the bars just for fun and got paid in alcohol, haha! It’s also the place where they shot “The beach” – that’s kind of the vibe there. We went snorkeling, we went dancing, we went kayaking, we saw the fattest monkey the world has ever seen and we swam with glowing plankton at night. It’s hard to imagine a place closer to paradise and I’m already planning to visit it a bit longer next time – maybe several months.


Obligatory hot dogs:


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