My tricks for more peace in everyday life and a better sleep

On some days, I feel as relaxed as a chicken in a crocodile pit, but I've got a few very efficient tricks to get rid of this feeling. Especially the vegan, vegetable capsules help me like nothing else.

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Peace in everyday life and better sleep go hand in hand. When I’m stressed I can not sleep well, which makes me even more stressed, which makes me even more tired, which makes me … you already understand. I am a man who is quickly stressed. If I have a lot to do, I feel a regular panic in the abdomen (quite comical feeling), am irritated, breathe even faster than usual and generally feel overloaded. With a lot of stress, such as when I almost miss an aircraft, I’m also times like a sudden sick. During my bachelor thesis, I had stressful burn-out-related symptoms. When it gets so far, my sleep is also very easy and I sometimes can not sleep for hours.

Since I belong to the sort of human being, which is quickly overloaded and stressed, I have already a lot to deal with possible tips and tricks, which help me in the stress minimization and sleep maximization. Sure, there are super many articles about it and I guess – as with everything – everyone has to find what works best for himself. Here are my tips for more peace in everyday life and a quieter sleep, which always help me a lot:


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Rosenwurz Kapseln, Tipps für einen besseren Schlaf und mehr Ruhe im Alltag

The “Chill Pill” 

“Just take a chill pill, girl!” – this tip I quite accidentally caught in an article on Snapchat. Actually, the author just described how she helped a certain food supplement – namely the “Big Chill” capsules from Hum Nutrition, available through Sephora – to relax. At the same time, her skin has been better what she has to conclude that her acne has been stress-induced. Better skin AND more peace in everyday life? I had to test it. I have looked at the capsules, which cost $ 25 more closely, and have seen that they contain exactly one ingredient: namely, rosemary root extract. Something that is not organic and completely natural, I would never recommend for daily intake, however, I also do not see, I am such a thing for much money from the USA deliver. Here you can get vegan Bio Rosenwurz capsules with exactly the same content as the Big Chill capsules for only 10,90 € with delivery from Germany.

Rosenwurz Kapseln, Tipps für einen besseren Schlaf und mehr Ruhe im Alltag

I have never relaxed so quickly. To be honest, I did not expect much at all, because these whole food additives have never had any noticeable effect on me. But only about half an hour after I had tried my first rosebud capsule, I felt much more relaxed. I was totally surprised. The panic in the abdomen vanished and I could not sleep the night as quietly as long. The next day at noon, I felt I approached the normal state again, and threw in the next capsule. That was in my Bachelorphase and I quickly went over to take two a day. Without these capsules I would never have written a 1-comma something and would certainly be implied before any stress. At the moment I do not take them anymore, but I will order them again. As far as I know, the capsules are completely harmless, but I do not have a doctor’s title either.

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Peaceful sleep with the right atmosphere

I used to sleep in the background with soft music, but now it has to be completely quiet. If my neighbors are particularly noisy, I always have SOS-Ohropax lying handy. Besides, I can not sleep without total darkness. Believe me, this makes a gigantic difference! For many years I have had one of these high-quality, unbreakable, matt-black roller blinds that my parents bought for me. This keeps things eternal and I can not do without. Here * you get such darkening and I can only recommend it. The ones here are even better than the ones I have mounted, as they are easier to install and can not ride as high as my stupid sometimes does. Since I get a half a heart attack every time and that is certainly not so great against stress.

Analog Fotografie nachts schlafen im BettWecker analog Fotografie nachts, Tipps für einen besseren Schlaf und mehr Ruhe im AlltagAnalog Fotografie Bett schlafen, Tipps für einen besseren Schlaf und mehr Ruhe im Alltag

Face steam bath and meditation

I’ve become accustomed to make a steam bath for my face almost every day. It is like inhaling a cold – you fill a bowl half with boiling water and keep your face over the steam for a few minutes while covering your head with a towel. It’s so good for my skin! You can also put lavender oil, chamomile or tea tree oil in the water in order to relax even further or, in the case of tea tree oil, clarify your skin. I relax totally and meditate. Although you should not meditate in this position classical, if it goes after the monks in Thailand, which I have times in a course have brought, but hey, if it works? Empty your thoughts for a few minutes, enjoy the hot steam and breathe calmly and deeply.

Ideal would still be something yoga every day, but somehow it is not realistic for me.

Conscious relaxation

I take care when I feel overwhelmed, I listen to it and react instead of pushing the feeling away. This attitude is damn important: Be aware that it is just too much for you and pay attention to your inner health. Ignoring it will only aggravate your problems. You do not have to feel guilty to say “no” or to cancel appointments, so you can rest. Enjoy this rest – take it! Another tip: If you realize that you – as I often – fall into pondering, it strangles. You do not have to lie awake at night and play any negative scenario or the most embarrassing moments of your childhood. It just weighs on you. Just forget how the nasty Jenny from the 4ten at the Twister has embarrassed you. Think more about something beautiful! And if you are in bed and still can not sleep: There someone gave me something. Stay calm, as if you were already asleep. Ignore light itching – just send your body to “test” if you are still awake enough to react to it. And if you remain so stiff long enough, you trickle your body enough to finally get the sleep state. This tip was revealed to me at a festival when I had massive problems with falling asleep on my narrow isomatte. And it works! But you need a lot of willpower. I use this technique as a kind of last resort.

Tipps für einen besseren Schlaf und mehr Ruhe im AlltagBlurry analoge Fotografie, Beine auf BettFossil Kette Glitz DiscTipps für einen besseren Schlaf und mehr Ruhe im Alltag

What I’d advise against

Definitely of sleeping pills! This whole chemical stuff is not good for you. I realized this when I flew alone from Berlin to Bangkok. I can sleep very badly in the plane, so I took a sleeping bag for the long distance. Actually, I slept through the flight, I thought. When I arrived in Bangkok, I got into the taxi. It was only during the trip that I suddenly felt something as the colorful lights of Bangkok passed me, which later became my second home. During the flight I woke up. A man is banging his head against my shinbone. This happened because a woman dragged his unconscious body through the passage through her arms. Then she suddenly cried out loudly and panickily for help. She was right next to me, so I should have somehow responded – but I could not. I just wondered how socially reprehensible it would be to fall asleep beside a panicking and an unconscious person instead of helping. Probably quite socially reprehensible, but since everything from this moment, everything has gone wrong, I have probably done just that. Phew! I wonder what happened to the man, but on landing, the mood in the plane seemed to be quite normal. Weird.

So folks: Take some lavender drops or spray lavender over the head pillow!

What are your tricks for less stress and better sleep?

… I would really like to know

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