What’s The Dresscode Of A Modern Society? : New Work Style Kisura + Microsoft Workshop

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This post is so late, I could basically wish you a merry Christmas at the same time, but I was super busy writing my exams and moving to Bangkok. So from my new apartment between palm trees and my pool (oh my god my apartment complex has a pool) I’m writing this very belated post about a very cool event back in cold ass Berlin: the Kisura + Microsoft new work style event. For all of you who might not know: Kisura is a German online style counselling website where your own stylist puts together a box with different outfits for you – individually matched with your requests and for free.

Bloggers and stylists got together, got spoiled with delicious vegan finger food, discussed the new demands of today’s job and finally got to get creative and shoot our own interpretation of future office looks. Not online the creative industry is undergoing a change: Old, hierarchical structures are loosening up, work is getting more versatile and outfits are adapting to a new lifestyle that celebrates freedom, creative new ways to define work and modern living situations. Today’s companies show a change that has to be transferred onto fashion. Who used to put on a pencil skirt and a blazer, went to work and sat at the desk all day long, may today combine a pair of pants with a loud print with a blouse and sneakers. Why? To not only express that creative thinking also means creative dressing, but even more to be ready for just about everything. You might spend the day at your desk, but you might also have a meeting, followed by a lunch with your investors and a cocktail party in the evening.
Clothes today have to be versatile, because working today became more versatile. More and more of today’s modern women are leaving the house in the morning, knowing that their outfits have to match every possible situation their work style comes with. Of course this depends on where you picture yourself, but the people in the fashion industry with whom I have discussed this change, have all experienced the same. We were sure it applies to all kind of industries, as flexible lifestyles also bring new ideas to every company. You have to think outside the box and you also have to think outside the suit. Outfits that transform this new feeling into a textile match might include (low) heels, an easy to put on jumpsuit and a red lipstick in your leather purse. This way you can always “upgrade” your look. Outfits should be simple, elegant but also comfy. When I thought about where I picture myself, I personally prefer sneakers over high heels, because honestly: If you’re meeting hopping throughout the day the last thing you need are painfully swollen feet. I thought pin stripes on comfy pants would be a fun twist to interpret the motto. The dotted shirt is totally capable in the office and also brings a cool pattern mix to it. This is how my new work style look turned out:
And what comes after work? You guessed right: Holidays! When I saw this two piece set from Kala I immediately pictured myself below palm trees and I just had to take some pictures with this cool parrot print set:
The happy team:
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