Sweater Love: The Wildfox Shell Bra Sweater

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Straight from warm California comes
this holey sweater, which wasn’t made for cozy winter days: The “Shell bra
sweater” from Wildfox, which rather reminds of stranded mermaids than of ski
slopes. Completely ripped, in XXL oversize and embroidered with iridescent
shells, the chaos-sweater offers a strange view. You can’t stay warm in it but
playing Arielle you sure can. Who wants to spend money on expensive designer
clothing usually doesn’t want to receive more holes than fabric though. You
will have to think twice why you shouldn’t just put your old favourite sweater
into the shredding machine for the “Wildfox look”. But despite (or because of)
the destroyed look, the brand Wildfox became very popular and a variety of
stars has been spotted wearing it. And if you still don’t want to do the same
thing as those celebs and prefer wearing intact clothing, instead of wrapping
yourself in knitted remains, remember: jeans only got cooler with the used look
You can buy the sweater at the Asos
sale right now (here) but Zalando offers a big range of Wildfox rags too (here).
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