Eye See You, Baby

Attending fashion events is nothing I’m used to so far and I’m not sure if it’s my cup of tea. Or glass of champagne in this case. But goodies and free food will never fail to attract me, even though I’m allergic to small talk and primness. And the reason for the gathering was not that unimportant too, of course. Pro7 presented an upcoming show named “Fashion Hero“. The participating designers and a bunch of other important people were there and seeing their collections was pretty interesting.”Odyllstudios” showed sweaters with great prints which I honestly loved.
Slightly ignoring the dress code I decided to wear a dress from Daisy Street which caught everybody’s eye. Call me blue-eyed but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that everybody else was dressed rather chic and neutral than eye-catching. Some people might have rolled their eyes but nobody tried to scratch my eyes out because of that. And I know that secretly all the guys feasted their eyes on me.


When your date keeps staring at your chest and you have to remind him that your eyes “are up here”, well.. that wouldn’t work with this dress.

I found the
coolest leather jacket in the world (by Augustin Teboul). It has reptile
sleeves, nothing says “kickass cool“ more than reptile sleeves. Since I will
never ever be able to afford it, I will surely dream of it every night.
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