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The Mercedes
Benz fashion week Berlin was 2 weeks ago and you could say I’m a bit late with
my post about it. That’s because the lovely Academy of fashion and design which
I attend scheduled our exam weeks at the same time as the fashion week takes
place. I managed to see two shows and went to one party (Cropped Magazine),
even though I was invited to more. Pearly Wong sported some edgy dark looks
which rather were extreme street styles than high fashion – but it was perfect
for Berlin, somewhat underground. Nian (men’s fashion) created some looks which
looked like a fusion of lumberjacks and priests. It was fun seeing what was
going on in the big tent, but I don’t get what the fuss is all about. Berlin
really isn’t a place for big glamour, even though the people there obviously
tried hard to make each other think that. I wish they would focus on giving
unknown talented designers a place to prove themselves instead of pretending
Berlin suddenly turned into New York and every wannabe babe suddenly turned
into Anna Wintour for one week.

Pearly Wong via
NIAN via 
And this was
one of my sporty and girly fashion week outfits:
Actually this
piercing is as fake as Berlin glamour: I bought it on Ebay because I was too
gutless (and lazy) to let it stung. This way it’s also easy to remove when you
don’t feel like wearing it – very practical.

Skirt and sweater: Asos │ Bow: Ebay │ Fake Piercing: Ebay

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